Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Disclosure Digest 5-19-21



That Feeling Of Oneness

What A Hoot!


More skinny on the ongoing Separation of Worlds Chaotic Node; quite a good Precis:

Lorie Ladd's latest postulates that we're not going crazy, our Higher Selves are guiding, if we Listen:
Always Interdasting when a Georgetown Jesuit handler bites the dust and goes into Rehab: Kek:  

Fauci so bad he’s gold for the terminally woke/un-funny SNL; too bad it’s only 6 minutes out of 90:

Cucked Carioca’s got their cement Jesus pimpin’ the Death Jabs; this is just so Wrong in so many Ways:

Sage multi-dimensional advice for High-Vibe Tribers experiencing ‘relationship Issues’:

Suzi from the GAoG blog has posted some fine Angelic Messages of late; git yer Wings on & listen Up:
I find these comments from a GAoG reader totally appropriate for closing out today's Digest:

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