Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Disclosure Digest 5-26-21


A Cheerful Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse To Ya!


EcoAstrology Update: Sagittarius-Gemini Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse May 26, 2021

The Nine explore the Diamond Portal Platinum Ray Stargate Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse:

Paul Dobree-Carey channeled this message through to help us understand this NOW dimensional Shift:

Patriot video clips document some of the panic in Maricopa; Nyiragongo Volcano Erupts in Congo:

Oy Gevalt! Soylent Goo is comin’ to get You! Just have trust in Gaia to neutralize this fear Slime:      

Enjoy this closing three-spot from Mr. All-That-Is HisSelf; don't like my pronouns? tough Nuggies:

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