Thursday, May 6, 2021

Disclosure Digest 5-6-21

Haven't I Seen This Movie Before?


Let's begin today on the Lighter Side of Ludicrous with some spot-on Bee Stings from Babylon:

This one will be the POTUS & The Patriots Bundle; a smattering of political silliness and psych Jobs:

Just back from his Martian home with wife and spawn in tow...Elon enters stage Right, action, Cameras:

X22 Dave outlines the Great Awakening taking place right here, right Now; grok Sum:

Please enjoy today's Three Witches Bundle courtesy of the lovely broom-riders over at GAoG:

Last Word Guy is ridin' the old Cosmic Caboose on this train and He's pimpin' more Navel Spulunking:

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