Friday, May 14, 2021

Disclosure Digest 5-14-21


Sorry, We're All Out Of The Blue Pills...

Wherein Uncle Steve gets the Big Wake-Up Call re: the corrupt Trudeau regime; Oh Canada!

In case you’ve forgotten President Trump and what he started, this vid’s for You:

French generals get American company, it’s coming and nothing can stop it; are you Storm-Ready?

New Mexico is a shit-hole of [TD] and Reptilian DUMB nastiness; clean-up on I-25: more Follies!

Lots of rough karma to work through for the folks who knowingly peopled these corporations; Boom:

A threesome of channelled insight comprises today's Witches & Warlocks Bundle; please do grok On:

A Troika of Cosmic Truths from the Big Guy/Gal/It for your kind consideration; Enjoy!

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