Sunday, May 23, 2021

Disclosure Digest 5-24-21

The Plan's a workin, a world-wide Alliance Counter Insurgency continues to shock Sheeple Awake:

The good ship America, loaded with BS & sheeple, begins to execute it’s long, slow turn into the Light:

Methinks the foundering Grey Lady is goin’ down & her minions will be tried for Treason in Gitmo:

More Idiocrasy drivel from MI Secretary of State; the 'Soros' always funds malleable sock-Puppets:

Old Slow Hand just got a lot slower; he may be permanently impaired with numbness in his Fingers:

Bee Stings for me and Thee; grok a Chuckle:

Keep on a' walkin, don't look back...sounds vaguely familiar, got some sympathy for Creator?

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