Sunday, May 23, 2021

The Starseed Transmissions Redux

I first read this book much closer to when it was originally published back in 1991.  The material in it was channeled by Ken Carey over an 11 day period from December 27, 1978 to January 6, 1979.   I don’t honestly recall my impressions from the first reading, but I’ve kept it on my shelf all these years and was recently nudged to go dust it off and have a look.
What I found inside these pages is nothing short of perfect for these exact times.  Enjoy…


Compiled By Suzanne Maresca


Your consciousness is both infinite and eternal. It can dwell in the limitations of matter and perceive through whatever filtering systems you so choose, but in healthy function, it is not bound or limited by those systems. Rather it uses them as instruments of perception, exploration and adventure. 

 Outside of time and space, you are one with the Creator, the All that Is, the Source. But when your consciousness moves within the context of a manifest Universe, you become the Son, the Christ. In essence, you are the relationship between Spirit and Matter, the mediator, the bridge, the means through which the Creator relates to Creation. You are Life as it relates to planet Earth, eternity as it relates to time, the infinite as it relates to the finite. 

Though you presently experience yourself as a separate and fragmented species, you are, in fact, a single unified being, sharing the full consciousness of the Creator. You are brought into living, focused expression when you are inside of Creation by the manner in which time and space, matter and energy, sea and stone, react to your presence.   (Excerpt from Ch.3)

Here are the first three chapters beautifully illustrated by Suzanne for your consideration. Git Sum hard-core, old school Enlightenment!

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