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Angelic Guides: The Instantaneous Manifestation Of All That You Desire

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This is another timely reminder to avoid sloppy magic and why...Git sum!

 Channelled By Taryn Crimi On 4-24-16

imageToday we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of manifestation. Each of you have your own unique perspectives which has caused you to specify your unique dreams and desires.

Some of you have dreams which have remained seemingly unfulfilled for a very long time, and others have newly birthed desires and many of your desires have already manifested. This is what is so fun about your reality.

You came to revel in the joy of forming new desires for yourselves. Life would not be nearly as fun if you did not have things to desire. But why is it that some desires come so easily and others seem to evade you? This is what we would like to touch upon today.

You see, from our perspective there is no dream or desire too great, there is no desire that any of you could have that is unattainable no matter how big it is. We often say that if you can dream it, you can achieve it and we say this with absolute certainty.

So why are some desires so much easier for you to manifest than others? To this we reply, it is your belief in the difficulty of its manifestation that continues to block the physical manifestation of it. Allow us to further explain our perspective in the hopes of helping to clarify what we mean...

Each and every desire that you have had or still have is because of the feeling that you believe the manifested version will give to you. The relationships, the abundance, the experiences, the vacation, the children, the body; absolutely every desire is born because you are seeking the feeling it will give to you when you have it. It is just that simple, there are no exceptions.

So when you understand that you are really seeking the feeling and not the actual physical manifestation you now hold the key to instant manifestation. How so? You see, you are powerful creators, you always have the ability to shift your thoughts and focus in whatever direction you prefer. You can attain the feeling of what you want right here and now. You don’t have to wait. You can use your imagination to envision what it feels like to have all of your desires right now.

If you can understand what we are sharing with you, you never will have to wait for anything again. This concept really is the key to all manifestation.

Now, we are not in anyway diminishing the actual physical manifestation of your dreams, not by any means. We want you to have the physical manifestation of every dream and desire you ever will have; but when you understand that you can attain that feeling of having it right now you will undoubtedly watch in amazement as you’re entire world transforms before you.

You see, you cannot focus on having something and what it truly feels like to have it and it not manifest in your physical reality. The reason being is you become a vibrational reflection or match to what you are desiring to manifest. What you focus on will always be delivered to you. Everything that you have in your physical reality, good or bad is because you focused enough of your energy upon it and became a vibrational match to it that it therefore had to manifest.

So many say to us, well then why haven’t my dreams manifested yet if it’s that simple? I have desired to find my soul mate, attract more money, get a better job, have a child, create a healthier body for years and I still don’t have it. How much longer will it take? To this we smile, this is such an important question and if you can understand our answer you will rapidly transform your life in a magnificent way.

You do not have what you are seeking because you are focused on what it feels like to not have it in your life. You cannot continually feel that lack of what you desire and attract it into your life at the same time. This is so profound. We want you to take a moment to reflect on this.

The only thing that is continually keeping your dreams from manifesting in your reality is your attention to them not being here. Do you understand what this means? So many of you convince yourself your dreams cannot manifest because you cannot conceive of any way possible for you to have it. This is the very thing that keeps it from coming. There is nothing too grand or too big for the Universe to deliver.

What we most want you to know is that you are so much more capable than you often times believe. You are more than capable of manifesting absolutely every single one of your dreams. You will always have new desires, new dreams to set your sights upon, there is nothing wrong with continually identifying new things to desire. It is what you came here to do.

Yet so many of you become so hung up on the details of how it’s allowed to come. We have said this so many times in so many different ways, but if you can truly understand what we are sharing you can unlock the door which holds all of your treasures. The “how” is not your job, it’s not anything you need to burden your mind with. Your job is to identify “what” you want, that is the only thing we cannot help you with.

Once you have identified what you want, all that is required of you is that you prepare yourself to receive it. But what’s so fun is that you can instantaneously conjure the feeling of what its like to have it right now. You don’t have to wait any longer, this is truly what instantaneous manifestation is all about. So have fun, all that you are seeking is available to you right now.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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