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The Arcturians on Conspiracy

I don't know this channeller but I am very familiar with the tone and style of the Arcturians and this is Them...DT the ET


Channelled By Sal Rachele On 4-23-16

Beloved Creators, we are the Arcturians with a message designed to help illuminate your understanding of organized chaos and the power struggles rife upon your planet.

The word “conspire” in your English language actually means to breathe together, which means to come together and expend effort in support of a common cause. This means that whenever two or more of you are gathered, to quote Sananda, there is great ability and power to affect Creation.

The word “conspiracy” has come to mean covert military or political action that benefits one group at the expense of others or at the expense of the many. Certainly this is one definition that has merit and can be explored.

In this message we will examine and take a direct look at the most pervasive of the conspiracies on Earth. Keep in mind that there are many “micro-conspiracies” that can be reduced to as few as two people – we are only going to look at the largest and most well-established levels of organized chaos. We use the term “organized chaos” more than just humorously, for the most insidious of the conspiracies have as their goal the utter destruction of organized society.

Why would any group work to dismantle the progress of humanity? Perhaps we must start our understanding with a look at the most dense and dark of all conspiracies, the organization of so-called “Dark Lords” – their origin, intent and manifestations.

As you may know by now, your world has been fought over by many other-worldly factions for aeons of time. The “dark forces” are those souls that have organized and conspired to control and manipulate the “light forces” so they can “snatch” the light away from the light forces thereby gaining in power and dominion. All dark forces believe that they are separate from their Source and must therefore take energy (money, prestige, power, etc.) from others.

Since most souls will not knowingly surrender their power and energy, the dark forces must use devious and covert means to attain their goals. It is relatively easy for them to gain power if the “victims” of their attack do not realize they are being attacked and drained of their life force energy. Therefore, most dark forces operate in the dark quite literally – quietly pulling strings behind the scenes in an effort to siphon off as much as they can from the forces of light.

If you are a serious student of spirituality, you know that there is no force that opposes light. However, light can be directed into dark places in two ways. In one of those ways, the darkness can “take” from the light in order that it may convert this light into an array of distorted impulses, thereby taking on the appearance of the gathering of power and a feeling of superiority and ego-dominion. This apparent transfer of power from light to dark is ultimately an illusion and cannot hold itself together indefinitely.

Sooner or later it must disintegrate and the light impulses return to the Source. This “entropic” energy exchange is inherently flawed in that it must acknowledge the “inbreath” of the Creator – the impulse of life to evolve and move into greater intelligence, order and awareness – known as a “centropic” force in physics. However temporary this apparent move toward darkness may be, it seems very real to those whose life-supporting energies have been tapped and drained by the covert warriors of darkness.

The second way the light approaches the darkness is by shining its radiance directly into the dark places, thereby illuminating them and dispelling the illusions that keep them going. This is the beneficial application of light directly from Source, as channeled through the lightworkers of Earth and other planets. This channeling of light in order to illuminate the darkness is done by tapping directly into Source and directing Source energy into the dense places of Creation that have been unable or unwilling to open and receive God’s Loving Presence.

What is taking place on Earth at this time is an outpouring of Divine Light that is penetrating and permeating the darkness and causing it to rile up in defiance and lash out in attack. It perceives it is being destroyed, and in a sense, that is correct. When light has fully illuminated something that was kept in the dark for a very long time, the darkness vanishes in an instant. The density level on Earth prevents this “instant” from being instantaneous, however, and what you, the people of Earth, are going through right now is the transition period in which the darkness is being exposed and will soon cease to be.

In order to fully expose the darkness, let us briefly summarize the various conspiracies and reveal their modus operandi and level of influence.

(1) The Reptilian Factions

The Reptilians hail from several fourth density worlds, originally headquartered in the Alpha Draconis star system, but now spread throughout many regions of space, including sectors in Orion, Sirius and even the neighboring galaxy of Andromeda. Certainly not all races from these star systems are aligned with the Draconian orders, and not all Draconians are Dark Lords. However, these races of beings, residing in fourth density, are within the astral planes of Earth and are siphoning off energy from those who reside in anger and fear.

Their primary goal is to influence the leaders of this world to act in their behalf, to channel energy to them and to increase their power and dominion over sentient life forms. They have infiltrated the leaders of most of the major countries of your world, as well as their militaries and police forces. They live off the fear generated by humans, and give fear in return. They are kept in power so long as the people remain ignorant of their presence and ignorant of the energies being perpetrated upon them through their “puppet” governments and rulers.

(2) The Illuminati

This organization, which originally meant “illumined ones”, began as a series of secret mystical orders, but quickly became corrupted by power and greed.

Today the Illuminati is composed of international bankers and members of the power elite of society. They meet in secret, performing rituals designed to increase their power and control.

Their goal is world domination through control of the media and information distribution systems, as well as the monetary systems of your planet. Many of them are controlled by the Reptilians, but some are working for the Galactic Confederation, a “conspiracy” of souls aligned with Source.

(3) The Greys (Zeta Reticulins and their helpers)

The “greys” refer to a group of humanoids hailing from several star systems but primarily from Zeta Reticulus. They came to this planet to save their species from extinction. They determined the only way they could do this would be to breed with a species that had sufficient life force to infuse their race with the needed genetic material in order to reverse the decay and atrophy that had set in due to their denial of their emotional nature. Humans, an emotional species, were selected for this breeding program. Many of the members of the Zeta race volunteered to incarnate on Earth, agreeing to later be abducted (returned to the ships orbiting Earth) in order to disseminate genetic material.

This program involves removing human Zeta incarnates from Earth once they reach childbearing age, impregnating them with Zeta embryos if female, or extracting sperm if male, returning them to Earth for a period of time, and then returning them to the on-ship laboratories to extract and grow the fetus.

Not all Earthly abductees are purely Zeta in nature. Some have mixed DNA, which has caused controversy and concern among Zeta scientists. There are elements of the violation of human free will involved in these experiences.

If a Zeta incarnates on Earth, he or she has the right to exercise free will and cannot be removed against his or her will without a violation of universal principles. Some Zeta incarnates remember their mission and go willingly aboard the craft to be impregnated or have sperm removed (depending on their gender). Most do not remember their mission and may go unwillingly and unwittingly to have these programs implemented.

Zetas have formed alliances (conspiracies) with certain branches of the governments of the world in order to have their identities protected. They have furnished certain technologies to these governmental factions in exchange for this protection.

(4) Secondary Conspiracies

The work of the primary conspirators has a “trickle-down” effect on other organizations and groups. For example, in your United States, there is a movement by your government to spy on its citizens in the name of protecting the country against terrorism. The real purpose of this program is to consolidate power into the hands of those within the government that are being controlled by the factions detailed above.

 Once again, as with any “dark” conspiracy, the success of the conspiratorial mission depends on the fear and anger of the subjects, as well as their ignorance. If the people of Earth wake up to what is going on and refuse to live in fear and anger, the conspirators have no power whatsoever against them.

The point of this detailed analysis of conspiracies on your world is to remind you that knowledge is true power, and awareness of your Divine Source within is infinitely more powerful than any so-called “dark” force can ever be. Dear ones, bring forth your Divine Power within and direct God’s limitless light and understanding into the dark corners of your world. Expose these sorry conspiracies for what they are – desperate attempts to replace God with fear. They will not succeed. Only the light will prevail.

The light of God shines upon all equally. With your help, it will shine away the cobwebs and bring joy into the troubled hearts of the people of your world. Being aware of these conspiracies allows you to recognize the true picture of why your world has been a place of suffering and misery for so long. That is all changing as we speak.

Great legions of light are joining us in the heavens and offering their assistance. We are collectively removing the veils of ignorance from your world. We are removing the etheric frequency barriers from your atmosphere. Earth will once again join in the positive conspiracies of the Galactic Confederation and other benevolent organizations designed to help awaken souls throughout the Universe.

We apologize for the length of this message, but we feel it is necessary that many souls receive this and seek to understand it. We are servants of the most Radiant One, the Source of All Creation.

We are the Arcturians.

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