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Financial Clean-Up Predicted Months Ago


By Steve Beckow On 4-5-16

Folks, the leak of the massive evidence of corruption that the Panama Papers represents is very big news and signals the beginning of a clean-up that we were warned about months ago.This may have been what we’ve been waiting for in terms of the Reval as well, unless there is more to come (as there well may be).

I’ve asked Suzi Maresca to post more than our usual number of stories on it in order to cover this seminal event. (See goldenageofgaia for more.)

In light of the leak, let’s review briefly what the Company of Heaven has said about what we could expect.

Immediately prior to the leak, Mike Quinsey, who used to channel SaLuSa and now channels what he calls his higher self, said:

“To many souls on Earth the position seems hopeless as the dark Ones seem to be in charge and too powerful to be removed. However that is not the true position at all and as is often pointed out, much good work is going on behind the scenes. Indeed it has been so for quite a long time, and to reach the successful stage you are at now has taken a lot of patience and careful work.

“The dark Ones have exalted themselves above all others believing that they are the masters of the world. Now they are realising that the Light has progressively grown stronger on Earth. It has attracted the help of the Higher Powers, and the balance has changed places and the Light is now the dominant force. There is no way that the dark Ones can now achieve their objectives although they will fight to the last.

“Go about your work with every confidence that before long the promised changes will manifest. The truth has been hidden for so long but not much longer, as it must come out very shortly to direct peoples energies in the right direction.

“The problem has been that the dark Ones have largely controlled your Press and have not allowed the real news to be presented to you. That situation is soon to change and then the true news will enlighten you, and where the dark Ones are concerned will shock many who have had little if any knowledge of their activities.

“There is no necessity to fear them any longer, as they are so closely monitored that nothing they do or plan can happen secretly any longer. They have trapped themselves in the very situation they planned for the Human Race and cannot now escape justice for the crimes they have committed.” (1)

My private opinion is that the dark side underestimated the extent of the Light’s operations against them. I believe that the dark thought that they would actually succeed in their plans to cause a world war, reduce the planet’s population to a manageable 500 million or 10% (different factions have different goals), and become masters of the world.

They seem to have become lax in their security procedures and the Light exploited what this laxness produced. Sheldan Nidle’s sources have had a lot to say about these events. They imply that the dark’s over-confident laxness brought them down.

“[The] dark oligarchs were not counting on what a number of grievous mistakes brought them. They are on the verge of a great downfall, which is to give you a new time filled with freedom, prosperity and a rising responsibility to maintain this glorious system. This operation has taken longer than was first expected. This is due in part to the remaining abilities of these devious fiends. Their coming destruction spells the final end to a cover-up that has kept us from interacting on the scale we originally wished for. They used this cover-up to create a secret governance, which almost defeated the intentions of Heaven. …

Our associates are … preparing the final lists and formal warrants that are to be the basis for a dramatic arrest of numerous major financial figures across this globe. This global event is to finally ensure that the dark cabal is broken and unable in any way to influence what is to happen next. (2)

Last January, Sheldan’s sources told us what to expect:

“Following in this path is a special project to take down the wanton oligarchs of this realm. It is to be known only after it has succeeded in ridding this globe of the nefarious ones who have kept this land in near ruin for the past half millennium. At that time their Anunnaki masters gave these scallywags a great degree of power over surface humanity.  …

“We are quite proud of those who are in our various secret societies. The dark has long thought it impossible to bring them down. In the great financial fall of the late first decade of this century, not one of the dark’s leading banking executives was touched, despite the degree of criminal fraud involved.

“Their arrogance is now a thing of the past. The Light has reached a point where any large incident is to be treated with arrests, seizure of funds and a general degree of moral contempt. It is as well the moment when a number of key fund transfers can at last happen.”  (3)

As far back as last June, Sheldan’s sources highlighted what would happen:

“The wars and a dark plot to take over the globe’s monetary system ultimately failed and the Light’s coalition started to come together and arrange a way to terminate the powers so illegally grabbed by the American cabal.

“We now stand on the verge of the success of a ‘quiet revolution’ that is making possible a long overdue currency readjustment. These new financial systems are to drive out the dark cabal, swiftly bring this globe an end to debt slavery and produce a worldwide prosperity.

“This set of legal procedures has brought Gaia’s society to the brink of a new worldwide directive. A majority of smaller governments and the international legal system is quickly isolating the de facto American governance.

“This is bringing to an end the long reign of the fiat dollar and is to cause the collapse of the US Federal Reserve and a return to the US of a non-imperial foreign policy. These new circumstances are to set the way for global peace and harmony. This is to be created by the global flow of monies for innumerable humanitarian projects.” (4)

Thus we were warned months ago that a major operation against Team Dark was in the offing and now it has started. I doubt whether there will be a recovery from the legal trap the white hats have meticulously laid for the dark.

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