Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Threats And Rhetoric, But No Nuclear War In Our Future

Thanks to Brother Beckow for this timely reminder of the reality that the galactic adults are on duty and the old 'toys' may no longer be played with...


“Try not to fear or panic as you observe chaos in the outer scene. Limit your involvement with television news and much of its programming. Media in general have become simply a propaganda tool for promoting violence and the idea of humans as ignorant and stupid, all of which is serving to keep fear and obsolete concepts alive and well.”  (1)

If one reads Ben Fulford’s latest weekly synopsis of world events, one encounters things that alternately turn the stomach (the video showing random violence, for instance, on an Illuminati site dedicated to reducing the world’s population by 90%) (2) or cause the hair to stand on end – if what is reported is true.

The potentially-hair-raising story is that the Illuminati have a 500-kiloton nuclear bomb which they’re planning to use: “[Grand master Alexander] ‘Romanov’ says the Illuminati still have one 500 kiloton nuclear weapon stolen from the Russian submarine Kursk at their disposal and are deciding where to use it.” (3)

These are troubling news reports. I could say in response that the galactics and celestials are watching everything and are here to prevent such things as false-flag nuclear attacks and world wars.  Matthew Ward named some Illuminati-manufactured catastrophes that he said would not be allowed to happen:

“[Our] efforts to dispel fear include our many assurances that there will be no nuclear war, no terrorism like 9/11, no pandemics, no celestial bodies colliding with Earth or any other dire predictions such as cataclysmic changes in lands and seas that will make the planet uninhabitable.” (4)

On another occasion, he added:

“People in all countries are speculating what [the U.S.] government will do relative to Iran and North Korea, so we say that you can expect more tough rhetoric, but there will be no escalation into armed conflicts.” (5)

The Arcturian Group reminds us that the chaos we see around us is because the old order is breaking down.

“The chaos you observe daily is reflective of the breaking apart of old manifestations as the energy that supported them dissolves. As these manifestations crumble and disappear many struggle to hold them in place through whatever ways they believe are necessary – often violence. These dear Ones can only fail, for nothing can manifest without the energy to form it. New and higher forms will replace them if allowed.” (6)

So the Illuminati may still be there, but there is no energy to draw from, to create from.

The one thing I did want to direct my attention to out of all of this, because it’s a show-stopper, is the report that nuclear explosions will occur or a world war will happen.  Please allow me to borrow research from a 2012 article. (7) The reassurances are as valid today as they were then:

SaLuSa, in his message of March 21, 2012, issued a reminder that no nuclear war would be permitted on the planet:

“Often we are forced into such a position when our orders are ignored, and we only give them where we are authorized to intervene. On most occasions it is when nuclear weapons are about to be used, and all of your governments have been warned that we will not allow it to happen. Believe us, Dear Ones, some of your military commanders are still intent on using them to start another war.” (8)

Prior to this, SaLuSa made a statement about it on March 12, 2012:

“Although attempts have been made to start another World War, they have failed and will continue to do so.
“We do not wish you to suddenly feel fearful of the future having assured you that everything is going well. …
“Authorities have been informed that we will not allow nuclear weapons to be used, and that we are opposed to any form of aggression.
“It is therefore quite pointless to continue war games, and take part in all of the posturing that inflames the situation.” (9)

In case there are those who would be satisfied only after hearing the same reassurance from other sources, here’s Archangel Michael on March 5, 2012:

“Now once again upon your planet, as this is transpiring, there is a threat of reaction, of war. Now, we want you to know, it is very, very seldom, rare – because of our agreements and because of Universal Law – that we interfere in such matters. But we wish to suggest to you, very strongly, that as this reorganization globally takes place, that was marked so beautifully by revolution and evolution in so many countries, it will not be allowed to deteriorate back into war.

“You and I, and many in every realm have worked too long and too hard. We are too close to that breakthrough to allow that interference to occur.” (10)

So despite the rhetoric and threats, our planet will not see nuclear devastation or world war.
We’ve heard our sources say in a general way that nothing will stand in the path of our ascending and that, once we move out of the range of dense vibrations that allow violence, all will be peaceful on Earth.

We can certainly assist that outcome by turning aside from the chaotic vibrations that are awash in society at the present time and working towards unity and love, harmony and balance on Earth.

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