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Are There Any Indications That The World Is Changing?

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By Wes Annac On 4-25-16

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Our question this week comes from a reader who wonders if the exposures and disclosures we’re witnessing are signs that the world is finally changing.

“About corruption, isn’t it a good sign when things come up in fact, and persons sort of come clean, isn’t that recalibrating?”

The release of suppressed truth and increasing confession of corruption in high places is a definite indication of the changes we’ve been hoping to see, but in my opinion, not all of the things coming to the surface are being leaked in the best interest of humanity.

Most of it is, but there’s a power struggle happening between two opposing world factions – one of which seems to have our wellbeing in mind and the other, not so much – and some of the leaks we’re seeing are calculated attacks on the part of the ones bent on controlling humanity and destroying the world.

Some believe that the recently-leaked Panama Papers are a good example of a planned attack against those who are believed to be the ‘good guys’, and it’s interesting that none of the Western elite were mentioned in those papers.

The now-former Prime Minister of Iceland, who had just jailed the countries’ bankers for the 2008 fiasco and who had to step down as a result of being implicated in the papers, was mentioned. I’m not arguing the immorality of what he did, but I see how it can be used against someone if they’re trying to take you down.

Care should be taken when anything new is leaked since the powers that be are just as capable of leaking secrets and spinning them to their advantage as anyone else, but I do agree that all these exposures are paving the way for a new world that’ll hopefully be free from corruption.

Perhaps the biggest indication beyond the exposures and confessions is the fact that people are taking a stand like never before.

The 60s and other eras are known for activism and the demand for justice, but the uprisings taking place are making it clear that humanity is more awake than ever before and we won’t tolerate a world where the rich get richer off of the degradation of the poor.

We won’t sit and watch as our governments work solely in the interest of large corporations and the billionaire class, and we’ll no longer fall prey to distractions via the media that were once culturally acceptable.

We won’t tolerate the hold secret societies have on our governments and media institutions, and instead of talking about the changes we want to see, we’re ready to make them happen.

Our level of commitment is displayed by how much we devote ourselves to the outlet we hope to use to help people, and I’d imagine the powers that be are more afraid than ever of the social movements taking place.

This is why revolutionaries throughout the past century have been murdered or died mysteriously, and it’s why the media is suspiciously silent about this worldwide revolution that grows by the day. They don’t want people to think anything out of the ordinary is happening, because they hope to quell the revolution.

They still cling to some sliver of hope that they can stand up to the entire world by any other means than deceit, and they’re fighting us so hard because their power over us is being challenged. They feel threatened, and as a result, they’ve increased their resistance to these inevitable changes by fighting harder.

They’ll eventually realize fighting is doing them no good (hopefully sooner than later), and then, they can take responsibility for what they’ve done.

I’d recommend paying some attention to the media, because the revelations are surfacing pretty quickly these days. Some of them may not be in humanity’s best interest, but all of them are important to humanity’s future.

Never forget that the role you play in all of this is the most important, because change can’t happen if we don’t work toward it. Positive change is a result of the will and effort of the people, not the one percent, and actively striving for change will make it all the better when change finally happens.

This concludes this week’s reader’s question.

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