Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Kryon Snippet - Then It Begins

From Live Kryon Live Channeling: "Communicating with Spirit"
January 2016 in The Peoples Republic Of Boulder, CO 

Channelled By Lee Carroll 

Dear ones, not everything comes together right away. One of the things that you have to understand is that an Awakening happens first. This creates a spiritual path for you that will mature with time. The maturity then creates a connection that allows you to see things that are happening and to see them in your future. It allows wisdom to move forward correctly.

You assume things along the way, then realize that Spirit may have something better! One thing leads to another, and over time you graduate into something where things start falling into place. Then it begins, and you find yourself at the right time at the right place, crawling out of those habits that you had, or the abundance issues that you had.

Some of you have said in retrospect, "Well, it took long enough!" However, you are not realizing that it was perfectly timed. Did you think it was punishment, waiting so long? Did you think you were not worthy? If so, you have absorbed the linear teaching of other spiritual systems around the planet that tell you basically you are worthless in front of God - born dirty. Are you in this box?

~ KRYON                                      

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