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The Collective: A Message To Lightworkers On 4-5-16

The latest guidance from our friends, the Galactic and Angelic beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are glad to have this opportunity to speak with you again.

Today our writer has asked to present a few questions to us, and so, here they are, with our replies:

COR: Dear friends, I’ve read a number of channelings over the past week that have said that karma is over, that the fourth dimension is now closed—that the astral plane is now closed. And one specified that the dark hats have lost their control over the astral plane. Has karma really ended, and what does that mean for our lives now?

The Collective: Greetings, dear one! We would say, that what is meant by all of this is that Earth is no longer in the third dimension!

Now, we are aware that much appears to be the same as it always was.

And that your great concern is to know when people will no longer be subjected to war and other armed conflict, when they will have enough food and shelter, and when all the slavery will finally be ended across the planet.

And we would say, that we cannot “predict” for you exactly when that will be, for that is yours to mold and shape—you are creating fifth dimensional conditions on the Earth at this moment.

You are yourselves, with your increasing vibration and ongoing, joyful expectation of the day NESARA will be announced, creating the experience of Abundance, Justice, Peace, and inner fulfillment for all those wishing to experience such.

Certainly there are always many potentials, and in your sleep state, you look out upon many of them.

Yet you are seeing the release of the old third dimensional forms now, as that is the intention of those of you who are in a conscious state, who are willing to be open to the new, higher forms.

Your Light and higher thoughts and emotions, higher intentions, are creating a great wave, empowering all on the path behind you.

For many millions are awakening intuitively, even if they do not yet have conversations about those inner feelings, or read or listen to material that speaks about Ascension.

You are aware that this new dimension is not a “place” that you are traveling to.

It is an energetic resonance, a vibrational reality that you are rising or Ascending into.

We would say then, that the release of karma from human experience is not so much a matter of “We’ve learned all we need to learn,” for your experience is still ongoing.

It is more a matter of, “We have come out of the seemingly endless cycle of birth – Earth life – physical death – return to the higher realms – return to Earth, with a heavy veil between us and our soul’s wisdom, and the higher realms.”

Humankind is perhaps learning more now at a soul level, at a far faster rate, than it ever has.

And so the question would now be, “How do we absorb the wisdom of all our past Earth lives—all that those lives taught us, in terms of Earth’s soul mission and our own soul growth? How do we release the emotional residue left over from those lives?”

That is the end of karma, and you are looking at it.

It is the realization that you are in the process of healing that which you need never again return to, while transmuting those experiences to a higher level, and reaping from it all the beauty, wisdom, and enlightenment you desired before ever coming to the Earth.
And no, you need not return to Earth after you have completed your experience here, if you do not wish to. The choice is yours now.

Those coming in to Earth now are not in any sort of “karmic wheel.”

They are not returning because they are bound to do so, by any soul matrix or other techno-vibrational configuration.

They come here to experience a fifth dimensional planet, and with their beautiful soul essence and soul Light, they are with their very presence helping to ensure that that very thing is occurring now.

Regarding control of the astral plane—as the fourth dimension is clearly below the fifth dimension, we would spend no time concentrating on what occurs there.

You have risen above it, and to refer to the few lingering shadows that may remain there in relation to Earth life is not worth contemplating.

COR: But what created this shift? Was it astrological?

The Collective: You have entered a new era, long foretold by wise men and wise women, and it has less to do with “time” as you think of it, and more to do with Earth’s time/space position in the Universe, in her galaxy, and the Universe’s position in relation to other Universes, and the influences felt by those on every planet in your system.

It has also to do with Universal Law.

The scales were tipped much too far in favor of those who took over Earth millennia ago—much further than what Universal Law permits, particularly in terms of their operations which have utilized soul essence and misuse of and denial of free will.

Even if things had been run more fairly on the planet, your current “rulers” would never have been permitted to continue as they have.

It is not even a question, in certain respects, of the intervention of the higher forces.

You have seen mechanisms in Renaissance drawings and paintings, that portray the movement of planets and moons and stars, as their individual paths cross or diverge.

They knew in that time, as increasingly you are understanding now, that there are no movements of the stars and planets in your galaxy (and those sentient ships that serve as planets), without a corresponding energetic shift on Earth.

Earth is currently on a path in which the influences of other planetary souls are aiding and supporting Her release from the old systems.

She Herself is no longer in a position, on a soul level, to allow continued abuse of Her body, blood, and life forms.

Once a planet makes a soul declaration is made to come clear of oppressive and abusive forces, those who are linked to that planet’s soul, including its natural moons, sun and star systems, and those Higher Beings dedicated to supporting that soul, all come forward to offer aid and assistance.

More than Earth’s own soul declaration, the Universe itself has moved into a place where intolerance, duality, separation, violence, ownership, and injustice cannot be sustained—their vibration is too low for the time/space you are coming into.

Hence the era known as the Satya Yuga: the time of destruction is ended.
[Ed. IMHO should read 'Kali Yuga']

The recent eclipses and equinox, occurring during the season associated with fertility, new life, and resurrection, have with other Universal forces combined to raise human consciousness.

They have served as a further support to Earth’s forward movement—to her declaration of freedom—and in this new era you have entered, there is no more covering up or ignoring the importance and impact of your Universe’s mechanisms.

All is sentient to one degree or another, or it could not exist.

All is energy and the vibrational resonance that defines it, or it could not exist.

And so with your newfound realization that you are energy—an increasingly higher expression of Light and Love—you are claiming and creating that which you were told is impossible: a far better world, created not by the accidental or occasional benevolence of your dictators, but by all of you yourselves.

And would this be possible if you were not entering a new Golden Era of Love, balance, Peace, Oneness, fulfillment, and celebration of the natural world?

You need not trouble yourselves to wonder, for you are now entering this era, and nothing—and no one—could ever hold you back.

Namaste, dear ones! We celebrate with you!

Believe us when we say, All is well.

Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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