Monday, June 27, 2016

Disclosure Digest 6-27-16

We don't have to venture down the rabbit Hole any longer; it's becoming transparent. See the darkly inclined scurry about in search of high ground as the waters of change inexorably rise. The Human Collective is orchestrating quite a show, just steer clear of fear porn and enjoy it!


Torries Blame Putin For Brexit (Well Almost)

More EU backstory as the Fourth Reich starts falling apart:

I'm again amazed at how much taxpayer money Team Dark will spend to protect it's henchmen:
The reptilians at Pepsico apparently have really short memories or have drunk so much of their own Kool-Aid that they think they can get away with this...incredible:

Victory! Florida Bear Hunt Stopped in 2016

And His Holiness ties it all together with Compassion...Git Sum!

Tashi Delek From Dos Dennys...

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