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The Arcturians: Preparing For First Contact, Chapter 8. Multidimensional Energy Streams

Channelled By Suzanne Lie On 6-13-16

13WhatWasIdoing copy 2Dear Ascending Ones,
We the Arcturians wish to send this Transmission to Earth. We see that many of you are beginning to remember how YOU create your reality. Therefore we wish to remind you that three powerful tools of creating your reality are your state of consciousness, your perceptions, and your attention.

The focus of your attention is very important, as “Where your attention is, there you are also!” There are things that you want to put your attention on, and things that it is best that you ignore. Your attention is your conscious awareness. Thus, the reality on which you place your attention becomes the reality that you have chosen to experience.

While you are in your third/fourth dimensional consciousness, you forget that you can choose where to place your attention. You are still in a reality of “power-over-others,” that tells you where you should look, and what you should hear.

Fortunately, as you are increasingly peeking into the fifth dimension, the time, space and external control of the third dimension no longer has as much “power over you.” You are realizing that the reality you wish to perceive is the reality that YOU will live.

Hence, you are choosing NOT to engage your consciousness with the Power-Over-Others groups who are sending you information via ALL available media. This realization of your own authority over the reality that you live is often the first stage of personal mastery.

When you realize that choosing to perceive a reality is the first step to living within the frequency of that reality, you begin to take responsibility for where you choose to place your attention.

You are also remembering that there is no right or wrong reality within your fifth dimensional perceptions. There are no good or bad realities in the higher worlds as “good” and “bad” are third dimensional, polarized illusions.

The reality on which you have chosen to place your attention is the reality that YOU chose to live. Fortunately, the multidimensional energy streams are sending Unconditional Love, Infinite Wisdom, and Multidimensional Power into the interdimensional portal of your High Heart. Within the NOW this information is sent into the interdimensional portal of your Third Eye.

You can chose to perceive reality through your third, and maybe even fourth dimensional consciousness. But remember that where you place your attention determines the reality that you will perceive and the reality that you will live.

At great sacrifice to your true Multidimensional Consciousness, you have chosen to take an Earth vessel within the reality of the third and fourth dimensional world. Consequently, you are living amongst the hustle and bustle of the third dimensional world in which there is a great deal of “static” in your perceptual field.

This “static” is being sent into your third/fourth dimensional reality by those who are beginning to lose their “power over” you. Whenever your consciousness resonates to that low frequency of reality, you often cannot perceive the flow of multidimensional energy streams that are increasingly entering Gaia’s atmosphere.

Of course, these multidimensional energy streams were always on Earth, but never as many as now. We, your Galactic Family, hear you call for assistance and we are responding.

However, only those who have grounded their energy field in Gaia’s Core and merged the fifth dimensional consciousness and perceptions are able to consciously perceive the fifth dimensional energy streams. We created this situation so that those who still live within the lower consciousness of Power-Over-Others, cannot perceive these energy streams.

How do you, Ascending One, recognize a multidimensional energy field? Usually you will first recognize the energy streams via your physical body. You physical body is your “animal suit” that your consciousness is wearing. However, your consciousness is often so “busy” with survival on the third dimension that you do not have “time” to attend to energy streams.

On the other hand, your physical form is the “you” that encases your consciousness and protects this consciousness by giving you details about your environment. The details can be as simple as, “grab a coat, it is cold out there,” to “go to the doctor now as there is something that needs to be healed.”
Since your physical body serves as the encasement that contains and protects your consciousness, it is the component of you that has learned/remembered how to read energy streams. Your body will tell you, “NO, do not stand on that high chair. Get a ladder.”

Or your body may say, “Please feed me, I am hungry.” Your body will even tell you what food it does not want by having difficulty swallowing it. Your body will also make you feel thirsty when you are becoming dehydrated.

Your body is not concerned with “what you should do” or “what someone else told you to do.” Your body is concerned about YOU — the consciousness that it is protecting. Therefore, your body is often the component of your third dimensional being that is the first part of you to recognize the flow of multidimensional energy waves.

Your body has always recognized the wind on your skin, the temperature around you, what is fearful, and what is comforting. Therefore, as the multidimensional energy streams increasingly flow into the third and fourth dimensions, it is your physical body that will be first to recognize them.

Your body knows the feeling of heat, cold, wind, rain, humidity and dryness. Your body also recognizes when you have a unique experience. Your mind and emotions may be too involved in daily life for you to even “look up and smell the roses,” but your body protects you 24-7.

Your body recognizes that something is new to your perceptions. Thus, when something unique about a stream of multidimensional energy enters your perceptions, your body will notice what your mind may be “too busy” to perceive. Your body also knows the difference between a physical perception that arises from your third dimensional life and an astral experience that arises from your physical life.

Thus, your body can feel the octave jump of frequency into the fifth dimension. Your body does not know, yet, how to react to this energy flow because it has only recently been able to perceive this flow in such a tactile manner.

However, your body can recognize that this energy field is beneficial, so it tries to orient your consciousness towards conscious attention of this new experience. However, your mind is likely engaged in some important 3D task which is limiting your conscious attention to what you are doing, rather than what you are feeling.

Finally, you “find the time” to stop your hustle/bustle and to sit down, relax and maybe even meditate. Once you just sit down and feel your body, you will recognize a new feeling within your core. There seems to be a tickle in your spine, which makes you want to keep your spine straight and tune in to this “tickle.”

But, No, NO, you have to DO some “thing” really important. But is that thing more important than tuning into the unique feeling that is within the core of your body? If you answer is, “Yes, I need to do this thing first,” then you have chosen to NOT tune into the flow of multidimensional energy streams. Instead, you have just chosen your third dimensional chores over your process of Ascension. You chose action over perception.

However, taking just one second to perceive the flow of multidimensional energy streams could change every action that you choose to take for the rest of your incarnation. Of course, you will not realize that you made that choice because you chose NOT to attend to that which is free, innate, natural and all around you.

You have been taught – brainwashed – that you must work hard for everything and pay money for what you want to experience. You forgot the simple pleasures of feeling the wind on your face, the sun warming your body, looking at a sunset, and/or gazing into the moon.

You have been brainwashed into believing that you must always work – so that you can get money – to get what you were brainwashed into believing that you must possess. The Power-Over-Others are your invisible boss and they give you orders by the myriad commercials that surround you.

You have been brainwashed to attend to the commercials to make more money for the “Power-Over-Others,” groups. Fortunately, your body is reminding you to ignore the commercials and listen to the quiet. Your body says, “Close your eyes and listen to the quiet.”

At first, you will not hear the quiet, but you will hear your thoughts and you will hear your body.

When you hear your thoughts, take a moment to recognize how your thoughts influence your body. Also, notice how your body influences your thoughts.

NOW, release your thoughts and attend only to your body…
When a thought enters your mind, just LET GO…
Your thoughts will want to return to you. Therefore, gently tell them to sit across the room, and you will get to them in just a moment…
Return ALL your attention to your body…
Begin by feeling ALL of your body at once…
Do not interact with these feelings. Just recognize these sensations, then LET GO…
Allow ALL your attention to settle into your body…
Take long, slow, deep breaths, and RELAX into your body…
Your body will then begin to speak to you, because you are finally listening to it.
What area of your body does your attention flow to?
Focus on that area of your body and LET GO…
Suzille speaks
The area of my body that is speaking to me right now is my heart.
“Dear Heart,” I ask, “What message do you have for me in this NOW?”

The Body Speaks
“Dear consciousness of our Earth vessel, we, the members of your heart wish to remind you of the power of Unconditional Love — first for your self — and then for others.

“Unconditional Love is the antidote to all the fear that is being sent throughout your reality. This fear is being sent so that the awakened humans of Earth will NOT feel the wave of the multidimensional energy stream.

“However, as your body does begin to recognize the “feeling” of this multidimensional energy stream, you will feel it even when your mind is busy and even when your emotions are distracting.

“We, your heart, represent the beginning of your life. When your heart first beat on its own, you were born and when your heart stopped beating, you died. We, your heart, are here to remind you that there is soon to be an “ending” to be followed by a “new beginning.”

“Many humans are afraid of this transition, as they do not believe that they will be able to make that transition. We, your heart, wish to speak for all the hearts that are trying to communicate with the indoctrinated mind of their Earth vessel,

“Dear human wearing this body, you deserve the Unconditional Love for your self  as this Unconditional Love will direct your attention toward the multidimensional energy streams that are flowing through your reality AND through your Earth vessel.

“Feel the flow of this energy stream of Unconditional Love
Follow this flow with your thoughts,
Your emotions,
Your choices and
Your body.
YOU are the Flow because YOU have chosen to FEEL it within your body.

“We, your Heart, remind you that when you love your self, you will be able to perceive all the love that surrounds you.

Feel the Unconditional Love
Follow the Unconditional Love
BE the Love
and you will find that the Unconditional Love emanating from within you
attracts the Unconditional Love that is emanating from others.

Unconditional Love is a magnet, a blessing, that can recognize the flow of multidimensional energy streams. When you FEEL the love inside your body, you will feel how that love directs the multidimensional energy streams into your High Heart.

As this Unconditional Love flows into the “interdimensional portal” of your High Heart, your High Heart shares this stream of multidimensional energy with the “interdimensional portal of your Third Eye.

With the interdimensional portal of your Third Eye open, you will see that which emanates both to you and from you. This emanation heals your body, mind, and spirit. With this inner, invisible healing, you will begin to create your reality.

As your third dimensional conditional love transmutes into the higher frequency of multidimensional Unconditional Love, you will feel how Unconditional Love naturally and infinitely flows within the multidimensional energy streams that you can NOW feel caressing your body, gently entering your mind, and flowing into your heart.

How will these energy streams change your reality?

How will these energy streams change you?

Fortunately, once you embrace, become, and exude these multidimensional energy streams, you will no longer need to know the answers, for you will be living the answers.

At first, you will continue to live them all in your “time/space reality.” However, as the multidimensional energy streams constantly guide you into the fifth dimension and beyond, you gradually release time and live within the NOW.

Within that NOW, you will flow into and through myriad versions of reality that YOU are experiencing, embracing, and creating. The creation of this reality is determined by the frequency of reality that you are currently experiencing.

Hence, if you are experiencing the THRESHOLD into the frequency of the fifth dimension, you are remembering that your fifth dimensional essence of SELF must transmute every particle of effluvia that you have ever left in Gaia’s matter during all your incarnations.

However, if you are near, or on, this interdimensional threshold, you have already transmuted most of your patterns of fearful emotions that are still adhered to Gaia. This task is not ominous because the Unconditional Love that you have for your SELF will heal the fear you have accumulated in other incarnations.

Also, the Violet Fire is interdimensional. Thus, when you transmute your current reality, you also transmute all the frequencies of that reality. Yes, you have all had interdimensional lives before, but usually you could only expand your consciousness into the highest realms of the fourth dimensional Astral World.

Do you feel/believe that you are ready to leap into a totally different operating system? Please remember that your process of Ascension will likely occur with your “peeking into fifth dimensional Earth.” Then you will be going back to third dimensional Earth to educate other humans.

Humans have created most of the damage on Gaia. Thus, humans must participate in Gaia’s transmutation. Of course, it is the Ascending Ones that will be clearing Gaia, even though the “Power-Over-Others” groups created the worst damage. This is where you will be called upon to send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire to those who you have formerly known as your enemy.

It is the ‘Collective” of the fully Awakened and Ascending Ones, working in unity with your Galactic Family in the fifth dimension and beyond, as well as the many fifth dimensional inhabitants in the Core of Gaia, that will have the power to transmute a planet.

Please know that one whose consciousness resonates to the fourth and fifth dimension has ten times the power of one who is still lost in the third dimension. Hence, a majority of humans are not necessary for planetary Ascension.

Unity Consciousness, Unconditional Love, Violet Fire and fifth dimensional consciousness of the fully Awakened Ones, as well as Gaia herself, will have enough power to re-calibrate Gaia into Her higher frequency of resonance.

In this manner, you are will be returning to the YOU that infinitely resonates with the fifth dimensional NOW of the ONE.

“Is this a dream?” you ask.

“No,” we respond. “The third/fourth dimension is a dream. You are NOW awakening to the ONE of the fifth dimensional and beyond that has always been — but your Earth vessel forgot.

“For this reason, we ask you to share this interdimensional information with others. If you do not know how to do this, ask us, your Galactic Family and we will assist you.”

Blessings to you all
See you in the fifth dimension,
The Arcturians

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