Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Kryonsnip: The New Balance

Channelled By Lee Carroll

Excerpted From Kryon Book 13: The Recalibration Of Humanity  

Twenty-three years ago, we saw the potentials of today, for you were starting to develop these very things and the seeds were being planted for what you are seeing now.  It's beautiful and difficult at the same time.  Change is always accompanied with difficulty.  Even the most well-balanced Human will say, "I have found my balance and I'm pleased with this balance."  Then someone comes along and says, "Well, we're going to change things."  That's when that well-balanced Human yells, "No I'm balanced. Don't change anything!"

Change means you're going to put a weight on one side of that balance scale and you're going to have to learn to shift so that you center again.  That's always unpleasant and a lot of work.  But that's not what you're going to be doing this time.  This time it's even harder! We call it recalibration. 

Let me tell you what it means by giving you a short review of a message I gave recently.  In an older energy, you went about protecting yourselves from darkness.  If you were a healer, you protected yourselves from those who might have imbalance, psychological problems, even disease in their bodies.  Then you often did a number of things to make sure you were protected.  There was a process, a procedure for that.  I'm telling you right now that this process is gone.

This is a review.  If you're constantly creating light, then darkness does not have a chance.  We've said this over and over and now it comes full circle to you personally:  Wherever you go, darkness can't touch you.  Are you listening to me?  It can't touch you.  The essence of your light is the love of God and you are broadcasting it, Lighworker - broadcasting it!  There's no dark thing that can get in there as long as you're broadcasting light!

Now let me tell you a guaranteed way where you can stop broadcasting light and open yourselves up to go backwards instead of forward.  It's by saying, "I can't do it. Who am I? I'm not worthy."  There will be many spiritual leaders who will tell you you're not worthy.  They will tell you that you were born dirty and unworthy to even talk to God.  They will tell you that you have to suffer to get the attention and approval of God.  However, God is in you, and even the master of love told you that.  Therefore, you are not born dirty, but born magnificent!  If God is in you, then light is in you.  

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll


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