Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Golden Age Messages from the Masters: Conscious Connection With God


Through the Founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

June, 2016 ~ Part II
At this point in your grand journey, you are most probably aware that you are living in totally unique, life-changing times. You are crossing a threshold that is catapulting you into a point of no return. This is GOOD NEWS because it means that nothing will ever be able to corrupt your consciousness by calling you back into the illusionary experience of being separate from God or your own God Presence. There will be no more unwarranted fear or stress related to living as an ego-personality within a 3rd dimensional, duality-based world.

As you continue to cross through this point of no return, you will realize that you are being offered the opportunity to live and to serve in your world as a 5th dimensional wayshower and master. Some of you may already know that you have a vital role to play in creating a bridge of consciousness that is already in the process of determining your future and the future of humanity and your planet.

~ The Councils of Saint Germain and Lady Portia

This is YOUR time to magnify the crystalline frequencies within your mind, heart and body so they can keep supporting all of the glorious qualities of the Creator within you. You have been preparing for centuries to do your part in manifesting the Earth’s next Golden Age of Freedom. The characteristics and sounds associated with these Divine qualities are all anchored in your Spiritual Centers within the central channel of your being. Each quality has a vital role to play in supporting you living as your God Presence and bringing the physical, mental, emotional and etheric levels of your being into the 5th dimension.

Your Presence is currently focused on unveiling and supporting your highest purpose for being on Earth during Her ascension. Your Presence is always lifting the veils of illusion to reveal what is behind and beyond the 3rd dimensional matrix. The relationship you have with your God Presence is always there to keep unveiling your unique purpose for being on Earth at this pivotal time. It is also there to assist you in shifting your carbon-based consciousness into the new crystalline-based levels of your consciousness.

Right now there is an increase in Gamma Rays that are coming into your planet and often when an energetic upgrade takes place, the events in your life may seem to be more intense or your life may even appear to be more chaotic; yet, this is not really the case. Your consciousness has simply expanded to the point that you are feeling everything much more intensely, yet we remind you that you have been preparing for these energetic shifts for several years and in truth, for many lifetimes.

The process you are currently experiencing by traversing through both the 3rd and the 4th dimensions has never been attempted in any system of worlds. Under the jurisdiction of Sanat Kumara, your planet is destined to be a part of a galactic ascension and you are moving forward in the Light and Love of the Creator at a rate that has never been experienced throughout the history of your galaxy.

This is also filling you and the Earth with unprecedented levels of Divine Grace so you can move forward in the Light in a very short period of time. Needless to say, you are all moving into a world of conscious Oneness that you have not experienced for millennia, yet know that you truly have all of the necessary knowledge, strength, courage, and heart commitment to be a part of creating whatever you have volunteered to do or you would not have been invited to be part of the ascension cycle that is presently taking place on Earth.

Now is the time to ask your beloved Presence to take full dominion over your thoughts, feelings, words, actions and relationships, as this will greatly assist you in making choices that will support the ascension of all life on your planet. The great influxes of Light that are pouring into the Earth during your Summer Solstice and the Full Moon of June have all been assisting in escalating your ascension. Yet we remind you to keep listening with your Christed Mind and Heart that is always connected with the infinite intelligence of God so that all of your choices will be in support of the Divine Blueprint for humanity.

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