Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Research In Support Of A New World

I would sub-title this 'A Rant That Works For Everyone" 
Just sayin'...

In the course of Matthew’s latest message, he said:

“We cannot recommend being unaware of what is happening. You don’t remember this, but when you eagerly volunteered to go to Earth, you knew what you would encounter and that you would be well fortified with spiritual strength and wisdom to accomplish your mission: to help the peoples awaken from third-density consciousness and in so doing, further your own evolvement. Your effectiveness in both would be limited if you don’t know what is going on.” (1)

Of course he’s right. But I twinged nonetheless. Long ago, I decided to follow SaLuSa’s repeated advisories to stop reading the daily press. And I’ve followed that advice for years. And I greatly profited by it.

I’m not keeping up with the baseline of events out there. In true self-serving form, I have a perfectly-valid reason.  I’ve chosen, as my brand of journalism, to keep up with the baseline of cosmic events as seen through the eyes of the Company of Heaven.

I’m not recommending others make the same choice. I’m just one in seven billion. I think the planet can spare me. Yes, I will wander around at some point not knowing what’s happening in the world.  But I’m like the suckerfish that’s attached to the big fish? I follow it around.

To keep up with both their baselines, by reading a good cross-section of credible sources in both worlds, so to speak, and to manage my probable financial responsibilities is, for me, beyond one person’s strength or time.

Nevertheless, to keep up with the baseline of events in the world is to wade through Third-Dimensional conflict and acrimony. The lightworkers who do it pay a heavy price. Working in that kind of murk makes it seem as if we’re not advancing, if memory serves me, but my guess is we are, out of all proportion to what we can imagine.

I honor their work, believe me, I do.  Hopefully my research dovetails with theirs, providing another piece of the puzzle and saving them having to do it.

That’s what I aim for: Research in support of social action, a cross-cultural spirituality, and a new world.

(1) Matthew’s Message, June 19, 2016, at http://www.galacticchannelings.com/english/matthew19-06-16.html

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