Thursday, June 16, 2016

Poof’s Reports A Gold Mine

poof 1Often, when I read Zap’s reports (nothing to report yet), I give Poof’s accompanying channeled message a cursory look. But I realized today that Poof’s reports from the other side of the veil are a gold mine. They’re far more insightful than those of any commentator on the ground.

Who’s Poof? He was an anonymous Internet servant of the Mother, a lightworker, who regularly commented on the Reval. He was allegedly taken out by the cabal and now is a sterling example of someone who works for the Ascension phase of prosperity from the other side.

What he says below is a stand-alone piece of the most credible analysis (even though general in scope) and wise advice on the Reval that I’ve heard from anyone (save AA Michael) in a very long time.

It’s rather remarkable to see the unfoldment of Poof as a person as reflected in his present-day writings, compared to his old style of writing, while incarnate, which was still good. He’s unfolded a very great deal: There’s no polarity in his writing, no separation, as there are in some channeled messages.  There’s real wisdom and a panoramic vision.
Here’s Poof for June 12:

POOFness for June 12: THE FREEDOM SONG

Now for today: the news is traveling around the globe that many changes are afoot and so they are. Many. There are large ones and small ones, and some that will affect everyone.

There is nothing that needs to be done except to know and recall where your strength is and who is your guiding light – make that “your Higher Self,” please. Do the continual [assessment] of information and recall where the loud voices are and the quieter, softer voices, that do not need to raise havoc nor make issues where there are none.

The same mandate remains: The work is on-going and the [ones] that help make the inroads are not disturbed nor moved by loud-mouth voices. They work for the higher good. They are at work even this instant doing the information gathering that is required.

Whether you believe it or not makes no difference. You are just a cog in a very big and intricate plan for the realignment of resources and the right action of an intended upliftment of humanity, as such as can be by elements that can cover the global situation as [it] exist[s].

Not all of this is to be understood, nor can it be.  There are many complex issues that defy the lesser-known minds to encompass.

Just be aware that the work never slows down. And it will be successful. It won’t happen until it can be successful.

Just drive the message of “Hold on.” Have faith, make the sanest choices you can make, and continue supporting the troops that are still diligently working to assist where they are given the opportunity.

Their work is that of unsung heroes. You who read are the recipients of far more, legacy-wise, than you will ever know. The dragon families are quite in tune and they do know the score for all sides of this matter. They are sorry for the plight of the people but, if it were not for them, things could get a lot worse very soon. Add energies to the turn-around, not to the dissing that has gone on and is of no worth to any one.

Make the changes you can make. It all starts with each person anyway. Who are you, what do you believe, where is your faith, what are you doing, when do you expect to be an asset to the planetary work and how do you plan to do that?

You have been like baby birds with your mouths open, saying feed me, feed me and we indulged that for quite a time.

We are being told to remind all of you that you have a part to play in this too. What do you expect and when? How do you see it playing out? Are you part of the problem or are you being an asset to the contribution being made by others? All of this is at play right now.

Word is that you will see some major shifts in the entire process in the not very distant future. Believe it or not. Does not matter. Let the naysayers have their day and continue on with what you can do.
Much has been lost in the recognition of the value of each person’s light-bearing abilities. Deciding to diss or deciding to disbelieve, or deciding to disavow, or deciding to make negative energies is not where you should be putting your attention right now. How do you view that as helpful?

Make your peace with the timeline and step back. Ask yourself: How am I helping the cause? Will it hurt my resources to honor the needs of those who are at the helm of this thing called Omega or PPP’s? (1) You are the ones giving it energy or denying it. Are you lightening the load or adding to it. See that?

What is your position and how do you think that position might help or hinder? Make a conscious decision to be an asset. End of story.

How can this be said any plainer than what has been said for so long? The work here is to help you remain aware of the work on-going and nothing more. There is much headway being made and that is the short and sweet end of this…P…

(1) A reference to the Prosperity Program Trusts, one of the abundance initiatives.

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