Monday, June 13, 2016

Hilarion: The Great Awakening Of The Earth’s Inhabitants Has Begun In Earnest

Beloved Ones,
The events in the world continue unabated. There is a greater intensity to all that is brought forth for the recognition of awareness from humanity. Everyone is prompted to connect to a higher level of understanding of themselves and the people around them, to discern what is truly of importance in one’s life.

There is still much that needs to fall away so that the shackles that have bound each individual to stay in lower density are lifted from them and no longer in effect.  The Great Awakening of the Earth’s inhabitants has begun in earnest.

Look to your neighbor and reconnect with them. People are seeking meaning in their life and it might be you who can serve as the catalyst that opens the understanding that they need in order to move forward. The Lightworkers of the planet are being uplifted to a higher level once again and this can be a difficult time as they process this higher frequency energy within their human operating systems.

Know that you have the ability to rise to meet these energies with equilibrium and balance. Any expectations of how things should be must be let go. Be open to new adventures.

In truth, you are the host for your own Divine Essence which is coming more fully into your physical vehicle to integrate with you. Your intent to align and connect to this loving force may be very helpful in terms of becoming more of the potential that you hold within you.

It is important to find the humor in situations that befall you, for it is laughter that helps one to lighten up and expand their awareness in all aspects of their reality. The choices that lie before you are virtually unlimited and it is up to you to use the new found freedom that has lain dormant within you.

As your body, mind and spirit are brought into alignment with the higher aspects of your being, there is a regeneration that takes place and you are enabled to move forward to the future that is ripe with potential. You are being given a new opportunity to expand and express your self in new ways of creative manifestation as you successfully navigate the many new doors that are being opened to you.
Remember, you are the doer and so it is you who must reach beyond the present by taking the actions that are required in each moment.

When there is a balance of all energies within you, you become open to new realms of awareness and you follow more confidently your evolution and inner direction with faith and determination. All the pieces come together to create a new weft and warp in the golden strands of your life.

The true magic of the spirit within is yours to manifest as you find the balance between the reality within and the outer world. Expect the unexpected and know that something new, unanticipated and exciting can happen to you. Look for the miracles occurring in your life, for there are many of them in store for you.

Until next week…
I AM Hilarion

© 2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

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