Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sananda: "You Are Creating The Reality Of A 5th Dimensional Experience"

(Note: this message was given during our 3rd Wednesday of the month Ancient Awakenings joint call with Hollow Earth Network over Blog Talk Radio in Glendale, AZ on June 15, 2016. Only the Sananda message was transcribed. If you wish to hear the session in its entirety, the recording is available on the Hollow Earth Network website.)

This is “Sananda”. As always it is wonderful to share with you in these ways.

I want you to understand that as these times carry on, as the vibration and frequencies continue to grow, all is coming together as it needs too. There are not to be any concerns on your part that it is not happening or when is it going to happen. Just know that it is happening now. Everything is in this moment. Everything is now.

Yes, we understand that you are waiting for and looking for many things to occur. Many call this the dominoes to fall. These dominoes are going to fall. It is coming close now. I have said many times that you are coming to the finish line and it is true, you are. As you cross this finish line you are going to be prepared to do so. As I have said before you are being acclimated.

There are many people across the planet that do not have the same understanding as you do. The same energies working through them as you do. And you, yourselves are coming before, leading the pack you might say. You are preparing the way not for us to come through necessarily to come into the world, although we will be coming into the world, but to prepare the energies. To help others understand what these energies are doing, these energies they are feeling, the energies that are moving through them and creating a shift in their consciousness.

That is what you are here to do. You are preparing the way for all of this. Understand that as you are doing your part in this, there are many across the planet that are also doing their part. This is what we call the orchestration, the coming together for all. This orchestration is coming together, bringing all the understanding into the proper frequencies for all of this to happen.

You look at certain dates. You have been given certain dates in the past. They have not materialized according to your understanding and your five senses. But please understand that there is much happening on those dates, even if you were not aware of it. The dates that have been given have been real, they have occurred. The one coming up, June 20th, the Summer Solstice has been given. This will bring about a major shift in consciousness.

What you know as the “Third Wave” will come in during that time period. It may not be that exact day or the next day where you will wake up to a new dimensional shift but that could happen. That is not the way it is going to work for all but for some it will. Some will very much know that they have shifted in consciousness and that they are in the higher vibrations now. Others will be aware that the 20th came and went and again, nothing happened.

Understand that as this “Wave” comes through it is going to wash across the entire planet as the first two did however this one will create the consciousness shift across the planet. It is the one that will open more and more people to their awakening.

As you look around the world, yes, there are skirmishes here and battles there. Yes, there is still hatred and all of this. It seems like it is never ending and it seems like there are too many people on the planet exhibiting this hatred. It seems like the world is falling apart and turning into chaos. That is the timeline that they are creating. They, the Cabal, have created this. That does not mean that is happening for you or for many across the planet. This is their reality they have created.

You are creating a different reality. You are creating a reality of a fifth dimensional experience. Just as we have been giving you to understand. It is necessary to find the belief to make it happen. As we have said all along, we are not doing this for you. You are doing this for yourselves. You are the ones creating these changes. You are the ones creating this shift. You are the ones who are creating the first domino.

Yes, there are many things happening behind the scenes and many people you are not aware of like whistleblowers who have not come forward yet. They are to come forward and bring a magnifying glass with them to show the activities going on, on the planet. They are going to show these things and more people will awaken after that. And on, and on and on. All part of this great orchestration that we keep speaking of. Again, you are the ones creating the orchestration. Without you, there would be no changes here. There would be no mass consciousness shift into a higher dimension.

Because of you and all of us working with you, it is happening now. It is all a process. You are in the Ascension Process. You continue to work through the various travails that come up and you may notice a few more of these such as the nightclub incident that happened recently. For those who have awakened you may have noticed that this is another one of those “false flags.” It is seen as another futile attempt to hold things off. To create fear. All of these things. But the populace is beginning to wise up to the shenanigans they have been doing.

It is time now to awaken. It is time to cross that finish line. It is time to bring these changes in and you are the ones to do it!

I am “Sananda”. Thank you for your time. All of my peace and love be with you.

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