Saturday, March 11, 2017

AAM: False Masks Will No Longer Work

I was working on the First Contact database and came across this gem from Michael in 2013. He basically tells us the old Third is going and the false masks we used to get our way before will no longer work. The masks can go slowly or abruptly, but they will go.
He reminds us that events like the Reval have their purpose but are still only part of a sequence of events (“a turn of events”).  No one event is the end-all and be-all.  These events set the direction and accomplish the overall purpose; namely, the un-foldment of the Mother’s Plan.

Excerpted from “Archangel Michael on the Reval, NESARA, Putin and the Boston Bombings,” May 14, 2013, at

Steve Beckow: There’s a line of commentary going on on the internet that says that NESARA is not going to happen. The revaluation will leave the same financial elite in place and we’ll just have some minor improvements. Is that a correct line of commentary?

Archangel Michael: That is a completely incorrect assessment.

SB: All right. Anything further you want to say about that?

AAM: Pay attention. We have talked to you not about an event, but a turn of events, plural. And that this [Revaluation] is one of those turns of events. So for all of you who are seeking not only financial relief but signals that the shift in terms of what you perceive as Ascension is underway, this is one of your landmark signals. But it is a turn of events. (1) It is not simply one or the other.

And we will tell you very clearly, your Earth — the systems, the planet — is not going to remain status quo. It cannot. And very rarely will you hear me use these words. It cannot remain the same because that is not the un-foldment of the plan of the Mother.

Has there been flexibility and adjustment to accommodate the desires and the heart yearnings of the collective human race? Of course. But let us be clear. The old 3rd, of what we have been talking about, of false masks — for systems, for governments, for people — is going. Now, it can go smoothly, because as you disintegrate your mask, you do so for many, or it can be rather abrupt. It matters not. It is going.

(1) Part of a sequence or series of events, the one supporting the next, as the Reval, by beginning the redistribution of wealth, will prepare the way for mass acceptance of NESARA.

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