Saturday, March 18, 2017

Disclosure Digest 3-18-17


What Does A Real Statesman Sound Like?



  "The oligarchic ‘1 percent’ that dominate our world “abandoned substantive and equal dialogue with other actors in international life, chose not to improve or create universal institutions, and attempted instead to bring the entire world under the spread of their own organizations, norms and rules. They chose the road of globalization and security for their own beloved selves, for the select few, and not for all.” V. Putin

Dark-side Donald's true mission is seeping into the lame stream media:

Morag has some advice for the newly activated Earth Warriors in the New World:

Space Weather: Neutrons On A Plane and a wide stream of solar expected to reach our planet on March 23rd. Grab yer socks!

The Shoshone tribe, the National Wildlife Federation and the coordinated efforts of a host of other individuals and organizations, bison have finally been brought back the Wind River Indian Reservation. This is profoundly auspicious, Sarva Mangalam:

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