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The Divine Mother - Feel The Sword Tap On Your Shoulder? (Parts 1&2)

The Party Of The First Part

We sure had a real heart-to-heart from the Divine Mother the other day.

I wonder if we fully appreciate how fortunate we are to have her coaching us in a manner like this:

“Spiritually mature decisions also require, my beloveds, spiritually mature preparation. You have entered a phase of claiming your birthright of freedom and power, in the truest sense, to be in sacred partnership with us.

“So have we been assisting you? Yes. We have been showing you how to tie your shoes, how to bake bread, how to create Nova Earth. But, we have not been tying your shoes for you or serving up your dinner because that would not empower you. And the anchoring of your promise and the promise of this plan is your assumption of your divine authority. I do not use these words lightly.” (1)

Did you feel the light sword tap on your shoulder? Rerun that part please.

We have been maturely preparing. For years. Core issues, conditioned behavior, masks, constructed selves. All raised to awareness. All now up to be observed and let go of.

And yes, the territory that lies ahead of us will always be unknown, until we land up there. So we face continually moving forward into the unknown.

It’s only trust that allows us to do that. Trust in what?

As the Mother said, trust first and foremost in her. She is the Father. There’s no need to think you need to make a choice between them. They are one and the same, Mother/Father God, with different duties. (2)

The Mother is the source of the universal law.

The universal law is like the good shepherd that keeps the flock moving forward to safe haven.

She’s the source of the Divine Plan.

What’s that?

The Divine Plan lays out how the vast collectivity of souls – no matter in what kingdom – are launched upon and complete their journey from Mother/Father God, who birthed them, back to Mother/Father God again, after a journey of countless educational lifetimes in matter/mater/Mother.

Completing the journey is called “reunion” or “mergence.” The journey itself is marked by various stages of enlightenment. Our task is to complete the next stage of the journey – Ascension to the Fifth Dimension or beyond.  That is the Plan for Earth.

Why is there such a Plan?

Every time one of us realizes him or herself in a moment of enlightenment, for an instant, God meets God.

For the pleasure of the One meeting Itself was all of life created. The Plan lays out how the journey from God to God is accomplished.

That meeting of God with God gets deeper and deeper in bliss, love, peace, etc., the farther along we go. But it’s still and always will be a basic meeting between God and God: The God whom we realize ourselves to be and the God who has just been “found out” merge for a time. No veil. No blindfold. No divided mind.

Pause here for a moment. We’ve just looked at the purpose of life. How many times have you asked to know if life had a purpose? There it is, as laid out by Earth’s enlightened sages. (3)

This is priceless knowledge, freely available on the Internet to our generation. Again how fortunate we are.

The Mother adds:

“You have stepped forward. You are authorized and empowered and you are and will be given the wherewithal to proceed as your creator self, never simply as a minion, a puppet.” (4)

It sounds pretty clear that the Mother wants us to feel confident about the outcome of what we set in motion – operating from our divine authority and in her service.  We will have what we need to do the work we intend to do.  Our guides will know what we need. The archangels will know. And the Mother herself will know.

(1) “Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: Take Up Your Divine Authority, AHWAA, February 23, 2017,”  February 28, 2017, at
(2) The biological division of labor, I’m sure we’ll find, is designed to mirror this division of labor that exists between the Mother and the Father.
The Father has no direct connection with the material domain. “He’s” typically represented as being a void, empty and still.  When the Father moves and creates, preserves, and transforms universes, we call Him “the Mother.” Everything about the human procreative process and even the rearing of the child mirrors reality at the divine level of Mother/Father God.
For us to realize them is, as we saw, the purpose of our lives and all life.
(3) On this matter see See “Enlightenment – Enlightenment is the Purpose of Life at  and below. See also The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment at
(4) “Transcript ~ The Divine Mother,” ibid.
(Concluded from Part 1)

Finally, she lays the whole picture out for us.
“You have assumed form, and let me say to you I have allowed you to assume form. I have chosen and created and birthed you into form. That is the Plan at work and I have done this, we have done this, with that spark of divinity (5) so that you would be divine in form.

“And what that means in very practical terms is the assumption of your divine authority to be in charge of your life, of your thoughts, of your feelings, of your actions, of your behaviors, of your steps, of your environments, all the way out to the edges of the universe, throughout all times and dimensions. But I won’t go there because that would confuse and this is me trying to be practical.

“If you do not take authority over your existence – think in practical terms, this life – then what happens? You are adrift. You are in fact that row boat in the middle of the ocean being twisted and turned every which way. Divine authority means choosing, yes, with your free will and your divine authority of free will, to direct how, where, when, if you choose to proceed.” (6)

“The creation, yes, it is mine, but it is also yours. If the Mother sees her beloved child as an artist or an architect, [she] says, ‘Here. Here are the water colors. Here are the Lego blocks. Build what is divinely beautiful. I give you my divine authority to do so. I will guide you. I will help you. But I entrust this to you as well.’” (7)

How could she be more direct in her reassurance of us that, if we take up our divine authority and act, in the highest interests of the world and the service of the Mother, we’ll have what we need and all will turn out well?

How could she have challenged us more directly and yet more gently to take full responsibility for our participation in the events that lie ahead? She’s calling us out of our shells and hiding places.

How many people in the world even know about the Divine Mother? Of those, how many really believe she exists? Of those, how many know very much about her? How many know that her word is law in the universe? And has she not just spoken to us? (4)

She just gave us our marching orders, assuring us of our divine authority to do what we do in her name, assuring us that we will be supplied with what we need, and telling us to go forth and manifest. She’ll see that we have the Lego blocks, “the wherewithal to proceed as your creator self.”

For me, it was like all of us just got knighted and sent forth to sow the seeds of love, bliss, and peace around the world.

(5) The soul, the Christ, the Atman, the Self.

The Mother has just said that she birthed the being into form.

However before being birthed into form, the being was a divine spark of the Father.

Everyone is a soul-in-a-body. The Father is in the Mother as the seed/spark or soul within their common Child. Gestation in the womb could be conceived of as the common Child in the Third Dimension. Birth from the womb could be conceived of as the common Child ascending to the Fifth Dimension.

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(4) For more on her, see “On the Nature of the Divine Mother or Holy Spirit” at

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