Monday, March 20, 2017

Message From The 'Team' - Nourish And Strengthen Your Light Body

 Well this about sums up the journey from Homo Sapiens to Homo Sanctus quite nicely I'd say. The Arcturians always do a bang-up job helping the locals to sort things out in a galactic sense. 
Carry on...

Channelled Via Peggy Black On 3-20-17

We are here, honored to inspire and trigger your remembrance and awareness of who you truly are. You are beings of pure light, energy and consciousness. You are embodied in a dense physical form that allows you to interface with the 3D reality in which you find yourself. However, we continue to remind you with our words and transmissions to shift your focus as often as possible to the truth of who you are and why you are here at this time.

You are a multidimensional being of divine light. It is the power of consciousness that has created your physical body. This body allows you to play in this dimension. It is the vehicle in which you experience the limitations and the duality of this hologame. Realize that the physical form was designed to survive and even thrive without the awareness of, or connection to, the divine energy aspect.

The physical body is the main focus during most of your experience on the timeline. We understand that the care and maintenance is important, as well as the sensations and emotions that are encountered or endured.

We are inviting you once again to acknowledge yourself as a divine being of light, energy and consciousness having a physical experience. It is most important that you truly recognize and honor this duality. Honor this partnership between your physical awareness and your divine awareness. Allow these two aspects to merge more fully and support one another.

You are here in physical embodiment to anchor the authenticity of your sacred transcendent Self. You are here to author and seed the new level of sentient truth and enlightenment.

We observe how easily your attention is scattered or your focus is directed to areas that defuse your personal power. This reality offers unlimited methods of distraction from your highest purpose and continues to draw your awareness into your physical aspect. We are not saying to exclude the physical aspect we are just inviting you to give special attention to your energy body.

You have the opportunity to become more and more aware of yourself as an energy being of consciousness moving around in this dimension and Hologame as a physical being.
This partnership between these aspects is most important during great changes, challenges and chaos. When these aspects are more fully merged, there is a clarity, an expanded perspective and the availability of all your divine gifts and abilities. This is the moment to be who you genuinely perceive yourself to be.

You have embodied into a field of energy that is unconscious and you are here to activate and secure divine consciousness of oneness with all. Each person who begins to own and acknowledge this connection is grounding this truth in the quantum field. There is a wave of awakened energy that is sweeping your planet. You are a part of this wave. You are the light consciousness that is shining and exposing the shadow of humanity.

It is critical during these times of chaos, when misqualified emotions and actions are being   triggered and exposed, that you personally strengthen your own energy and light body. 

Begin to understand and recognize that every cell in your physical body is conscious and emits light. Acknowledge that it is your divine self that has infused every cell with light. Scientists have now proven the existence of light energy around the body and it is being termed as the bio-photon field. They have shown that cells of the body actually emit visible light, though it generally cannot be seen with the naked eye. So the human body literally glows, emitting a visible light in extremely small quantities at levels that rise and fall with the day. Begin to research and investigate how you can feed and strengthen your light body.

First find the awareness and the intention. Many energy exercises and methods have been offered throughout the ages. Discover the methods that appeal best to you. The greater the light energy you learn to store, the greater the power of your overall electromagnetic field, and consequently the more energy that is available for maintenance of optimal health and for healing of self and your planet.

Realize that you can begin to focus and simply quiet yourself. Envision more divine light flowing into your energy body feeding every cell with more conscious light. This is your birthright.

Imagine for a moment the your very DNA is generating a micro-gravity field effect that attracts and captures light. You are more wondrous than you have ever allowed yourself to believe. 

This light energy circulates through your entire body along specific meridians, infusing and nourishing your tissues and cells. Your health and well-being are dependent not only on what goes on inside your body, but also on the energy surrounding your body, your biophoton field. Also remember that on a basic level, as you eat the live foods grown in the earth and nurtured by the elements, you are eating energy in dense form.

There is no limitation here. Use your imagination. You can invite the light of the sun to infuse every cell. You can imagine flowing color vibrations through your body to enliven every circuit. Listen to music and sounds that sooth and calm your system allowing it to be more receptive and open to light.  We remind you that stress causes a contraction within your very DNA, shutting down the light emissions. 

Remember that numerous breathing practices will stimulate and revitalize both aspects of who you are. Conscious breathing aligns the physical and energy bodies in divine partnership.

It is of good value also to remind you to continue to anchor yourself to this planet. Your earth's magnetic field stimulates and regenerates your body. The earth is like a battery, it will recharge your personal field. Envision this electrical connection feeding the fifty trillion cells of your body. You will begin to sense the energy as this becomes a daily practice.

Realize that you can invite cosmic energy from your divine source to flow into your crown and fill your physical template with life and healing light. See or sense every cell being energized, recharged and healed. The stars and planets offer you cosmic energy that enlivens and awakens your true sense of who you are in the universe. Imagine every cell contains light energy and particles of the stars.

Energetically reach out and collect energy and light from nature. Imagine you could reach out and gather energy from the green vistas, forests, the ocean, the sky or clouds and bring that energy into your own field, like your honeybees gather nectar to bring back to their hive. Each sentient being will exchange life-giving energy with you. Practice reciprocity; offer your energy to the stones and trees in exchange for their healing gifts. This practice honors your oneness with all living things. It is a win-win benefit for you and your planet.

Realize that you are always taking in energy in its many diverse forms. Begin to notice when the energy vibrations nurture you and when the frequencies you are encountering are creating stress or some form of disharmony.

Remember the importance, throughout your day, to simply state and intend sending back energy that does not personally belong to you blessed, transformed and uplifted, and calling your energy back blessed, transformed and uplifted. With this daily practice you are actually offering everyone you encounter blessings of grace. You are also keeping your energy clear. Your energy signature has touched others gently, reminding them that they are divine beings of light and it is time to wake up. 

Consider the possibility that light energy is a form of exchange and a method of communication between all living things. Understand that all living creatures emit light. It is time that you begin to dedicate a practice to gathering energy and enhancing your light body.

This is the true essence of who you are. You are pure divine conscious energy, bring that into your physical form, feed it, nurture it and enhance it with your every word, thought, action and intention. We continue to offer our love and energy frequency to you and you can request that gift from all divine conscious beings. With deep gratitude and love, we are complete. the 'team'

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