Friday, March 24, 2017

Disclosure Digest 3-24-17


Welcome To The New Hood

My understanding of the Seventh Dimension is that it is the Realm of Universal Cosmic/Christ Consciousness riding the Carrier Wave of Unconditional Love/Light.  Git Sum!
Here's another civics lesson from PCR for your edification. Do keep in mind that he still hasn't embraced the NESARA/GESARA happy ending emerging from behind the tattered veils. Gaia and her Hue-mans deserve a happy ending and, any minute now it will be emerging from the Chaos:

It looks like the Rockefeller strangle-hold on the UN has been broken and good things are afoot:
I post this to remind us all that citizen journalist/bloggers are bringing transparency to everyone:

And lastly, let's scoot-a-boot down to Austin, TX for some Real News from Jim Hightower: 

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