Friday, March 31, 2017

Disclosure Digest 3-31-17

There is much talk of 'meditation' as an important aid in personal ascension with little real understanding of what a meditational practice entails.  To help fill in the blanks with reliable information, I will continue to post links to articles by respected teachers and Wisdom-holders.

"Chaos Should Be Regarded As Extremely Good News!" Chogyam Trungpa

I have practiced Dzogchen (a.k.a Mahamudra meditation) meditation for many years and Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche was one of my seminal instructors. IMHO this simple technique is supremely helpful in the Ascension process...Git Sum!

 Finally, a common sense approach to stopping doctor/pushers preying on the Sheeple:

  A very thoughtful piece which introduces key components of the Galactic meritocratic governance model for truly free societies, which we are in the process of adopting:

Another harbinger of doom for the western banking cartels and their darkly inclined owners: 

Ikea’s indoor hydroponic garden allows anyone to grow fresh produce at home without the need for soil or any previous gardening experience. Very well designed and compact for urban herbivores:

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