Friday, March 31, 2017

Heavenletter #5972: A Topsy-Turvy World

Channeled by Gloria Wendroff On 4-1-17

God said:
Congratulations! You successfully live in a world that asks a lot of you – sometimes too much of you, so it seems. It takes daring to live on Earth. Sometimes, you may feel that Life in the World appears to take all it can away from you. Sometimes, in the world, you may feel you hang by your toes. It’s not always easy to see right-side up in a topsy-turvy world.

Inasmuch as the world you become acquainted with is temporary, you sit atop a rocky world. This world you find yourself in is an ever-changing world, which means that the world, as you yourself know it, isn’t nailed down. You are in flux every day.

Wherein lies the stability you long for? You, the Real You, the Truth of Who You Are, is Eternal. This means you are permanent. You are as Essence of Life. In this sense, We can call you A Rock of Gibraltar. In Truth, you are unshakable.

In Truth, in the middle of a tornado, you -- the Very You I address -- are invincible. Remember, Life on Earth is a game you enter. You have entered it. However the game is played, you come out unscathed. We could say the game is rigged. You can only go through with flying colors. You can only come out alive. You can only come out alive. You can only come out alive. There is no death. You are sustained. You are renewable. You exist, not as matter, but as Essence of Life. You don’t have to stroll in a dimensioned world in order to exist.

Absence from overt Life on Earth means you return solidly to the full recognition of your Higher Self, to the clear Life of Soul that is Who You Are and never ever were not.

Infinity you can count on. Infinity is fluid. Infinity is not flesh and bone. Infinity can never be rocky. Infinity may seem ethereal to you. Nevertheless, Infinity is the solid ground you walk on. Infinity is the only truly solid ground. You and I, We abide in Infinity. Oneness is Infinite.

Love is independent upon what you look like. What does it matter whether a camera can take film shots of you or not? You are not the shape of your ears. You are not the hair on your head. Your Soul is impermeable. The physical cannot touch your Soul. No matter how far away from the senses your Soul may seem to be, your Soul supersedes the physical hands-down. Soul is powerful, the most powerful of all. You, indeed, are Soul. Subtle goes beyond the physical. Subtle, I name you powerful. Subtle Soul beats all.

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