Saturday, April 1, 2017

Disclosure Digest 4-1-17

Spring Has Sprung 

(At Least It Has Here In Colorado)

Some very good news for the Euro-bees who are just doin' their damnedest to get 'er done:

What a pleasant surprise; a win-win settlement between the Mormons and the Navajo Nation:

Our Cetacean Starfamily relatives do not deserve to be 'scientifically killed' for pet food. Basta Finito!

Here's the latest message from Master Hilarion, who seems to be the press secretary for the GWB; 

This just in from our Sympathy-For-The-Devil chatroom:

This is some extraordinarily welcome news from South Africa. Yes, we live in High Times:

Time to get the old bod ready for 5D. Swimming laps in a salt water pool is my personal choice for interval training as gravity is not my friend. Thanks to Shambhala Steve for this timely link.

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