Saturday, April 15, 2017

Disclosure Digest 4-15-17

This Is The Mother

Of All Big Fish Stories

 Cetaceans are great Beings of Light from Sirius B who incarnate into whale and dolphin forms to carry out their ancient mission - to be the Guardians fo the Seas on Terra Gaia. Earth Humans are supposed to be the Earth Guardians on land; a fine mess we've made of that!
We're moving way, way up in vibration/consciousness and out of the old chakrik hood:

 In Amsterdam we called the Krakers because they 'cracked' vacant properties and made them livable:

If you grok this concept; you have freed yourself of the burden of placing blame, ever. on anyone:

Now, a few thousands of years of sleepwalking can lead to some very unfortunate descision-making:

Oh Canada! Now they're gonna be insufferably polite and stoned...Oy!

I leave you with this space-view of the resurrection of a wasteland; this will happen all over Gaia:

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