Thursday, April 20, 2017

Disclosure Digest 4-20-17

 Feeling A Bit Edgy Of Late?

This just in from Ole' Sol -massive explosion on the Sun as old sunspot returns and blows-up:

 Bits of the new financial system are finally starting to come into view:

 We get two-fers with this piggy-back rant from Paul Craig Roberts and John Whitehead:
Jim Hightower is my kinda' grassroots, rabble-rousing, satirical ethno-journalist blogger. Yee Haw:

Yes, it's time to empathize with a Galactic and 'beam through a parsec in his ship':

The Indigenous are right; everything the Black(Petro)Snake touches dies:

The good news is that crowdfunding is financing tribal lawsuits to stop Big Oil and save Gaia:

 Two prolific channellers, Magenta Pixie and Zingdad compare notes and talk shop..give a listen:

Flash For Sci-Fi Buffs - binge watching all episodes of Babylon Five will induce altered states: 

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