Friday, April 7, 2017

Disclosure Digest 4-7-17

Dispassionately Observe The Chaotic Node Unfold

Is the Idlib Chemical Attack more Fake News?  The allegation that Syria used chemical weapons in the Idlib province smacks of more orchestrated US propaganda against Assad and Russia.  The presstitutes’ story has been challenged by a real journalist.

This straight-spoken and skeptical US congressman shocks CNN anchor by questioning Syria gas attack narrative as he refuses her offering of 'kool-aid':

The same old, old false flag escalation scenario being played out by the cabal/deep state factions steamrolling the President into complicity in their cruise missile driven attempt to start WWIII.
Not only is this whole thing BORING - the Adults-On-Duty will not permit it. Divine Intervention:

Why this whole mess has even got Rand Paul's shorts in a twist:

Some very old and dark news comes to light; yes Big Pharma is trying to commit genocide by Rx:

Here's this week's Full Frontal Fulford Report via KP's blog...Aloha Arigato, Mo' Fo':
It sure seems like Russia is promoting a real and lasting peaceful two-state settlement  in Palestine:

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