Monday, April 24, 2017

Ascension Initiations

 It's good to have Billy Boy's commentary back in print and just in time for the funnest parts of the Ascension Rodeo.  Yup, they busted up all the codons after they made this good ole' Starseed Hayseed...definitely Git sum:

By Bronco Bill Ballard On 4-24-17

Ascension has been an ongoing thing for a few generations now. There are many waves and the first began long before me… 2009 was the beginning of the masses with critical mass reaching around Venus Transit June 2012. The resonance began picking up after that.

Remember, this is a Quantum Reality as you mention Quantum…. The Electrons follow Conscious Thought…. Energy in Motion from the Dream… The Dream comes First and before physical Reality or rather The Illusion… For the actual Atomic Structure should never have Substance with the displacement of the actual Matter that the Material world is made of, or what We Perceive… ha…. nothing should be Solid! As stated all the matter in the visible universe should have the density of a pea if space is removed… hmmm

The Quantum is more of Consciousness defining the Laws of what you/me/we desire to experience… Ha… As Lisa Renee speaks of the Metatronic Codes in her latest and saying that those Codes are what keeps you in this Reality (perceived reality), Well, ha… Of Course!

All reality requires polarity or a positive + or negative – charge, or a 1 or 0, but truly there is and Never can be a “0” or “Zero” as in all reality there can NEVER be Nothing because a Nothing IS a Something which gives it a the least a “1”…. hmmm

All has Polarity and is subject to the Metatronic Magnetic Codes in THIS Universal Programming Illusion unless one chooses to remove themselves Consciously from the program which can only mean the return to the ONE Singularity… that occurs via consciousness and a heart felt desire. That is returning to SOURCE! That IS the Ultimate Ascension!

For the rest, all choosing that path are going through the polarity which indeed shifted as this Solar System, and more truthfully, this Quadrant of the Galaxy (has in deed shifted its place in this Galaxy) or All that and those stars and planets which all Revolves around our Central Sun of Alcyone and too that again ALL which revolves around Sirius B (our Quadrant) reached the center of the Galactic Plane on December 21, 2012. We Entered the Lower part of that Galactic Plane a few Years earlier. There was 7 years of Transition which ended in 2016 or around this New Year of 2017, when Frequencies really began shifting.

There are many of us so called Empaths that felt what happened Easter Sunday with the frequencies and were speaking of it. We have been noticing for many years without the scientific proof using science as a confirmation.

As far as you say about not wanting to stay in the higher LIGHT FREQUENCY BANDS for a long time… ha… THAT IS WHAT I DO… I've taught it and that ascension procedure for years but it IS a Process. If you go into it too quickly, aka, looking into the face of God… Because of the frequency you hold, YES, it will burn you out… The procedure is also known as Embodiment of Your Higher Self with bands all the way up and BACK TO SOURCE, or It can be considered as Consciously Embodying Octaves of Frequency aka En (In) LIGHT In Mint…. No matter what you call it, there are waves that I call Ascension Initiations where you have to maintain that level of LIGHT/FREQUENCY Before you can proceed… That’s just a fact Jack… Or Jordan…

Everything in this universe is DC in its electromagnetic patterns at the base because it is nothing more than + or – or in binary AI a 1 and 0….+ or – IS the more Truthful reality as its all DC Magnetic polarity that has frequencies because of the individualized experience no matter what that is…

The “Our” Quadrant of this Galaxy is going through the same situation at this time as we Crossed the Galactic Plane and just as in a DC Permanent magnet motor when polarity is reversed the motor begins to slow, stop and then reverse…. aka, 3 days of Dark or 3 Days of LIGHT from the prophecies on either side of the planet… ha… then the Sun comes up in the West….

Time SPPPEEEEDING UP?  Hehe… from the Earth slowing DOWN!!! Just like in a vehicle traveling at 80 MPH and you hit the brakes…. Your body is still going fast and inertia throws you forward as your life flashes before your eyes…. Get It?

Global Warming is going on throughout this Solar System and how many planets are scientifically shown to be slowing down and heating up? Its like friction from slowing down yet also from the Photon Belt’s higher vibrations too… Higher vibrations like boiling water changes the state of the water as molecules speed up…. Yes you are so right about Cosmic Energies coming in as the Magnetosphere is collapsing as it must. BUT… BUT… BUT.. ha Are you ready to MEET YOUR HIGHER SELF??? Hmmm and what does THAT MEAN???

Truly there is only 1(all that IS aka GOD) here in the Human Experience but having 7 Billion Different Dreams on this planet and within this Quantum Universe, thereby and polarized generating the Collective Reality we are experiencing…. Creation follows Energy in Motion, or Thought and Emotion generates the Reality we Experience… hmmm

I am you, You are Me and THAT I AM~~~!!! Get It? In-Lak’ ech….

There IS NOTHING BUT CONSCIOUSNESS AND THAT IS YOU/ME/WE or the ONE on what ever level WE CHOOSE to Experience that!!!

In Reality back to Source…. There can ONLY BE 1 that goes through the dimensional/density Doorway WHENVER THAT HAPPENS… That IS what 11:11 is about… We have told that story 25 YEARS now…. I'm tired of that. Lets create something NEW!

When everyone KNOWS then WE Cannot BE HERE Anymore…. WE shift it all dimensionally when we KNOW WE CREATE IT! Its a Quantum Universe! Free Will! WE Create the Rules! Its ALL about LIGHT and Frequency as well as Thought and Intent!

See we CAN do that within our personal experience… but COLLECTIVELY, we HAVE, WE HAVE TO AGREE ON THE RULES…. There is 7 Billion but more truthfully, there is ONLY ONE having 7 Billion individualized experiences at this time (human only I speak of here as there is not even a atom of space dust that is not having its own experience).

So the Question IS… Where do we go from here? So many are not ready for ascension on the collective level but only ONE can eventually go through the doorway (11:11’s meaning at the GREATEST depths…) Do we pull everyone through? Do we wait? Do we continue back to singularity OUT of the Metatronic Codes back to Source, or do we just stay and play?

See, this is the final completion of the Duality Experiment which was what began and was the reason for the Orion Wars, before we came here…. aka Star Wars…. but we got quarantined to complete the Karma and Polarity here…. That was after Maldek and we have blown this Earth up several times before now wiping out humanity…. That WILL NOT HAPPEN THIS TIME and IS WHAT THE PLANETARY VOLUNTEERS aka 144,000 is all about… That is a minimum number far surpassed long ago and the Earth will do just fine… BUT….

Again, the question IS… Where does the Collective of Humanity desire to GO? Even destinations are nothing more than frequencies… as ALL IS FREQUENCY! A destination is just a different Frequency Location!



Much LOVE!
Guest writer,

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