Friday, April 28, 2017

Disclosure Digest 4-28-17


Got Them Mercury Retrograde Blues Again...

 I call it Ralfee's Ode To A Mercury Retrograde: In Search Of A Lost Sense Of Humor:

Now I know why my wife likes Dr. Bonners laundry soap over all the others:

President Assad is wisely assessing  his country's situation and the Trump Effect:

Big Pow-Wow in ABQ; time for mutton stew, frybread and awesome beadwork. Git Sum, Kemosabe:

The War On Consciousness discussed here has plagued Earth for the last 26,000 years:

This pilot's disclosure is only the beginning; more will be forthcoming, quickly ending this horror show. Drying up Cabal black-ops funding is also an ongoing Resistance operation:

This hits close to home - Firestone is a town 20 miles from Boulder, CO:

Here's Sue Lie's "A Gift to Gaia on Earth Day 4-22-17"; it's time to get yer HS on:

Speaking of Higher Selves, here's Suzanne Spooner, chatting current events with hers:

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