Friday, April 7, 2017

Syria Disclosure Digest - Special Edition

I've put together a few links to informative views on what is now transpiring on the world stage.  I believe we need to look at these unfolding events as needful things in the process of planetary ascension. Clearing the dark war/slavery meme from Gaia's operating systems is what we're seeing play out here on the holodeck. Bless it all into the light, remain nonjudgmental and keep yer vibe high!

It's Now Official:

The Cabal Is In Full Three Stooges Mode

Let's start examining the farce-majeur with Glen Greenwald at The Intercept:

Maria Zakharova, of the Russian Foreign Office, shows up the Western Media for the liars that they are. This is what a sane diplomat sounds like:

And while the lame-stream media were spinning the war spell, this was also happening:
Well the missiles may have been pretty to watch go up, only 26 pf 59 landed on the airfield targeted:

Those stray missiles then landed on civilians, also not heard in the western media reports:

 Let's finish with this insightful op-ed from Jordan Sather - ya gotta love these Crystals: 

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