Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Disclosure Digest 4-11-17

The Full Pink Moon Follies

Are Well Underway

Let's start with this encouraging First Quarter 2017 Energy Report, just in from Lightlover 1964:

Sea Sheppard and the Mexican government team up to save the very endangered Vaquita Dolphin:

My question is; how many parents need to find out the truth behind big Pharma's eugenics via vaccination program before We The People put a stop to it?

From our Calling -A-Spade Department; finally the Unholy See runs into Universal Common Law:

A very pertinent history of the significance of the Syrian Pentagram:
These last two video releases by White Hat CIA spokesman, David Steele will also help:
Every Spring this same madness occurs in Canada; please consider helping the good folks at IFAW in any way you can,  put an end to this senseless slaughter of Seals:

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