Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Disclosure4 Digest 4-4-17

It's Getting To Be Hammock Time

I haven't heard KP get this excited in a long, long time as he envisions the restoration of the Kingdom of Hawaii as part of NESARA/GESARA re-ordering of sovereign nations: The video is informative:

 With the Cabal it's always about the money; amassing vast sums and controlling the planet with it:

We must be in the End Times... enlightened attitude change in the US Forest Service:

Now we begin to comprehend the scope of the hijacking of our 'reality' by Team Dark:

IMHO 90+% of Americans grok how the media is used for command and control:

More 'disclosure by invention' in the healthcare realm; ancient Atlantean modalities being reinvented:

Some very well put 'Lessons From Fukushima' courtesy of Maryann Rada's channelling:

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