Sunday, April 30, 2017

Disclosure Digest 4-29-17


First Humpbacks To The Rescue,

Then  Russians To The Rescue As

Cabal Enters the Bozone Layer...


 Well why not shoo away the bullies; the Whales are the Sea Protectors from Sirius B:

And Putin seems to be a true Earth Protector, from the original Borscht Belt:

Here's a refreshingly calm and sane video presenter sharing her considerable ascension savvy:

The Cabal wet-dream of full on martial law lock-down ain't gonna happen, by gum:
This is just like here in Colorado where liquor stores perch on the edges of all dry reservations:

This is an encouraging update on our ongoing liberation:

 I'm fluent in Dutch and watched his deposition interview - this guy speaks the truth.

If you want to find pedophiles look in places where children are at their most velnerable:

These totally corrupt pharmaceutical corporations will be destroyed by wave after wave of class action suits and, finally, by NESARA governance actually enforcing existing laws:

Don't forget: The Pope is a White Hat in deep cover (and sometimes a frilly frock):

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