Thursday, April 13, 2017

Disclosure Digest 4-13-17

Hmmm, Friday The 13Th 

Comes On A Thursday This Month

Again, Mr. Putin shows up as one of the only adults politically on-duty these days:

And this article doesn't even mention the Russian's galactic scalar defensive systems:

This modern day concentration camp is toxic even for the staff, why am I not surprised:

 Wow, David Icke is a big hit in, of all places, Croatia:

Here's some cautionary information for you outdoor types; avoid the Coppertone Carcinomas:

A lovely, live channelled message from Kryon about Gaia's Ascension process - good stuff:

Lastly, here is superbly elocuted discourse by Magenta Pixie, from her Raising Polarity series:

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