Sunday, April 23, 2017

Disclosure Digest 4-22-17


Solar Downloads 

Accelerate Gaia Cleansing

Surprise! an EARTH DAY aurora storm swirls about Terra Gaia and lights the place up as global solar magnetic events persist through at least the 25th of this month. Happy trails to you:

It's time for all of turtle Island to be returned to balance so all of us may 'Walk In Beauty':

The Star Families have walked in Monument Valley for aeons of our sidereal time:

Cherokee tribal lawyers taking on the corporate drug pushers who perpetrate their 'legal' genocide:

While we're visiting the reservations' sufferings, let's refresh our memories by letting my good friend. Anyen Rinpoche, expound on the Buddha's Four Noble Truths:

This recent post from Dinarland is redolent of softly spoken Truth:

Even Lisa Brown is looking 'rid hard and put up wet' in this new video she posted today:

Well, you certainly don't look Orbish...
We'll finish with an Epistle from Saul about the absolute perfection of it All:

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