Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Dsclosure Digest 4-12-17

Full Moon Follies

Part Deux

AAM's folks can be found in many guises, IE anyone in uniform entrusted with the common good:

I think the Sirians are getting a bit whiney sounding as they recount the endless delays: 

The list of major office holders being busted for lawlessness around the world is growing:

Not all governors are behaving badly; witness New York's Gov. Cuomo doing the right thing:

Let's listen in on Russia Today's Crosstalk Show - if this is propaganda, bring it on:

Soft disclosure of Secret Space Program galactic tech is ramping up; Tri-Corder anyone?

Apparently the Dumph Strumph campaign is bearing down on crooked Wells Fargo execs:

It looks like Hitler's illegitimate daughter (Angela) won't be presiding over the Fourth Reich:

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