Friday, April 7, 2017

Pointing Out Instructions From Rajjneesh

Courtesy Of The Galactic Free Press 

When I say religion I simply mean the religious consciousness: a certain quality - not a certain dogma, not a creed, not a cult, not something organized but something felt deep in the heart, something closer to when you see in the morning a beautiful sunrise .... You feel something, something is stirred in you. You cannot express it, you cannot tell anybody what you are feeling.

All you can do is, you can hold the other person, and with your finger you can show the sunrise without saying a single word.

If the man has any aesthetic sense, any sensibility, he may be able to feel it; otherwise there is no way. You cannot argue, you cannot make a statement, you cannot do a commentary. You can only point it out ... fingers pointing to the moon.

All religious sages have only pointed to the moon. And all organized religions have caught hold of the fingers, forgotten all about the moon, and are worshiping the fingers. Now, the fingers are not the moon - they never were.


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