Sunday, April 9, 2017

Disclosure Digest 4-9-17

Can You Spell 'Chaotic Node'?


More Full Moon Mania arising, time to visit with Stephanie Austin M.A. over at Ecoastrology:

And this just in from Our Lady of Mt. Shasta, a view from the Christ-Consciousness Grid:

Followed by Blossom Goodchild with the galactic view from down-under:
Lynn is a contributing reader of the GoldenageofGaia blog and this is her take on Pizzagate:

A pithy review of our current Reval situation from Brother Beckow:

 This is a cute piece from Kim Hutchinson, kinda like Cliff Notes for Ascenders:

PCR is my favorite curmudgeon in the political blog-o-sphere...git sum!

Ben Fulford wades in on the False Flag attack in Idlib and the Tommahawk missile attack:

Ron Paul is also calling it as he sees it, and quite accurately:

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