Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Disclosure Digest 11-2-21

 It's All About The Children - Q



The Death Cult/Pedo Empire continues to crumble, one perv at a time for now, later - All OF THEM:

Pedophile grooming reaches new heights, mega brain damaged educators and parents think it’s Cute:

We begin with a little video about The Great Awakening and [TD] Spell-Casting; it's Checkmate!

Git yer Booms-Are-Here-Bundle and wakey, wakey sleepy sheeple 'cause it be Habbenning!

Deep State cucks are Knowingly and Publicly committing Treason; Can you spell ‘wake up Call’?

Enjoy this fine OP Ed by lovely Lisa Renee and some Angelic Input to feed your Soul; Ponder On:

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