Friday, November 26, 2021

From A Friend In Russia On Astrological Happenings


Posted On 11-25-21 By Suzanne Maresca

Speaking about astrologers, I happened across a Russian astrologer talking about the coming changes. I am attaching a few (google-translated) excerpts: perhaps you’ll find something of interest.

      Excerpts from a message from July 2021:

Attempts to build a future in only one country, with the thought that let the rest live as they want, will not work. The planets have conceived a worldwide process and let it be asynchronous, and there will be hotbeds of special activity, epiphany, if not to say,

Now there is a scrapping of all structures in order to bring into our world a completely different structure of life, world outlook and relationships, and this is only a small part of these changes. The planets require a reformulation of understanding and even attitudes towards one’s physics, body, health.

Our task is to comprehend and realize this transition, restructuring both within ourselves and in society, under the conditions of understanding that this will have to be done, but independently changing this world for the better and, above all, ourselves. Therefore, this difficulty has now come to everyone at his own level, and at his own level it is necessary to solve it first of all by choosing his own path. And as soon as we understand this and begin to move towards solving this problem on our own, and not in
a simple but deadly plan of those who want to present everything to us differently, we thereby begin to fulfill the task that the planets are setting and will set before us. This is the formation of one’s own future.

It is very important to understand that if there is a perestroika in the sky, then no one will leave it, but which path he chooses for himself and how he will configure space, it will depend on him. So calls for awareness and responsibility are not at all out of the
blue, but are a key choice. And given that, when making decisions, we are now responsible for each and everyone, this time is doubly responsible. The world will move towards renewal, but for each individual person, this is the time of his choice, which path he chose.

This will be the time when either you yourself change your world, or the world will change you. This is that alchemy, when our thoughts will become our events, when everyone will receive what he created for himself. Yes, winter will become a measure of our awareness, understanding of the world, and worldview. But this will be partly the result of the choices we made these summer days. The planets conceived at this time to make a final breakdown of the previous system and the battle for the future can be very tough. And here the battle for one’s interpretation of the future will be radical. And those who see it as the suppression of humanity can come out in the most acute form. 

It is very possible that we will observe a picture that may seem critical and irreversible to us, but this will not be true. And the apparent defeat or perhaps the tension, which is supposed to be only temporary. And here lies the main key to understanding. When we know the dates of events, their nature, we can let them passso that they are realized in our favor.

In fact, the system is self-destructing with all its governing superstructure. False altruism will reign, supposedly caring for people, allegedly dictated by higher interests, but in reality based on financial cunning. But all this brings a great ruin to those who started it. Although it may not be easy for everyone at this time. And what is not least unpleasant is that it can be a manipulation of high spiritual values. As a result, there will be a very big doubt that all the previous ideas about faith and religions were really
accurate and true.

We will contemplate the collapse of the previous civilization, both in the technical, social and cultural and religious sense. But this will also be a portal of changes, which opened not by chance, but in order to create a space for transition to a new not just historical era, but also into a completely different space of time. After all, do not forget that the planets will be in a tough battle, working with space and time, with structure and matter. And this is not just a transformation, but a split in the space and time of the Earth. It sounds very strange, but in reality it will be even stranger. And this will not only concern the Earth, it will affect the entire Solar System and even cosmos. 

It inecessary to understand that we are human beings, we perceive everything that is acute as a conflict, aggression, etc., but in fact, it will be a hot glow of energies at the moment of a complete qualitative planetary restructuring. And the year will end with the transition of Jupiter to Pisces, where the Divine Neptune is already located. And this is the entrance to a new world and a new worldview system. Moreover, matter and physical laws will begin to change.

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