Saturday, November 20, 2021

The Hathors: Heal The Wounded Heart


Peggy Black & The Hathor 'Team'


We are here to invite and support your total awareness.  We have come to realize that human beings have difficulty with the connection between thoughts, emotions and the physical stance that the body takes. 

Thoughts and emotions appear to be formless whereas the physical body has shape and form. However this is one total and whole system, body, mind, emotions and spirit each part reflecting the other. It is an energetic exchange which can be monitored.

When there is disharmony within the thoughts or when emotions are in conflict, the body will eventually manifest this lack of balance and harmony, there will be dis-ease.

So dear ones, when you are experiencing a state of unease or feeling off balance, the name your society has given to this state of disharmony and unease is often stress. Ask  yourself what emotions are you avoiding, what emotions have you labeled uncomfortable. We invite you to look within at the possible conflicts that you are dealing with. List each one in a clear and precise manner. This offers you an insight as you travel into the maze of your disharmony, your depression or your anxiety.

Also we might offer that you be aware of the labels others have given you and you took as your own without question. Usually a label is an attempt to assert control and manage any uncertainty. A label may allow for a type of mental closure and even encourage you not to think about the things, issues, or emotions again.

Realize life never comes to closure; life is a process, even a mystery. Life is known only by those who have found a way to be comfortable with their emotions, with change and the unknown.  Given the nature of life, there may be no security, but only your adventure.

Once your inner conflicts have been offered to the conscious mind there can be resolution. You have many tools to use that will bring you to a balanced state of mind, a balanced state of emotions and therefore a balanced healthy body.

The heart is the thinking organ of your human form. It is the heart which truly is in command. The energetic field of the heart matrix is far stronger and more expanded than the energetic matrix of the brain. Your mentors, wise one, avatars and spiritual leaders have been speaking and teaching of this for eons of time.  

It is the intelligence of the heart that offers humanity total healing and divine connection with the dimensions and the stars. We encourage you to return to the sacred space of your heart and radiate love and acceptance as well as gratitude to your reality. It is within the sacred heart that the alchemical process of transformation takes place.

Human beings long ago learn to close or protect their heart circuit. This has been one of the main dysfunctions on your planet It is one of the main sources of dis-ease.  

When the heart circuit is protected there is an energetic loop. There is difficulty with energy coming in or going out. The human being has allowed the brain, the programs,  the beliefs, and the labels to monitor and guard the heart center. These programs and beliefs close and numb your responses to the messages and guidance coming from and going to this important heart center.

These beliefs and programs about protecting the heart center are passed down energetically from parent to child. A small child learns from the unspoken as well as the spoken messages about being hurt, allowing or not allowing one to love freely and easily, what feels safe or unsafe, who to trust and not trust.  

The heart center is your portal. It is your gate. It is important for humanity to begin to heal the wounds that the heart carries. It is essential to healing this planet's dysfunction. When the heart is energetically closed to others, it is closed to the divine. It is time that humanity heals the wounded heart.

We acknowledge all those who are becoming aware of when they close their hearts and what programs/beliefs within their system lock them into a closed loop.

There are the wounds passed down from generation to generation. There are the wounds within the family dynamics of this lifetime. There are the wounds that each human being has personally experienced while in this embodiment. Humans are skilled at shutting down their emotions of pain, hurt, betrayal, grief, disappointment or feeling unloved. As best you can, allow yourself to clear these emotions and realize that without judgment, many of these things can be made holy.

You are invited to begin the process of healing the many levels of wounded patterns within the heart matrix which can manifest in your physical form. This is the work and the responsibility for each and every person on the personal level, genetic level and global level. We support and encourage you to energetically and emotionally clean out your heart space. Polish it, shine it up, air it out and begin to live there.

Humanity is stepping into an entirely new paradigm in which the thinking heart will be  honored, whole and connected to the other heart matrices. 

This reality is happening one heart beat at a time, one human being at a time. Each human being who becomes aware of the power to heal the wounds carried within their heart center can then open their heart center and radiate the divine flow of love, acceptance, and the honoring of one another.  

The heart portal was designed to serve as the gateway to the stars. This heart portal allows the energy to flow from divine source and the heart center processes this energy for the expansion of the human being. 

We are inviting you to continue with your dedicated intention to heal your heart portal, for it is through your heart portal that divine energies, divine connection and divine guidance are able to stream to you.

The most important tools in the healing, harmonizing and the balancing of your heart portal are to continue to return your awareness to the vibrations of joy, gratitude, appreciation and forgiveness. It is the power of these vibrations which allows the heart center/heart portal to heal from all the wounds carried. 

Practice asking your heart before asking your mind. Practice bridging and connecting the heart's intelligence with the brain's intelligence. Practice radiating unconditional love, joy, and appreciation from your heart not from the mind.

Understand that you are connected to one another with unbreakable and compelling human bonds. In this knowing everyone becomes less vulnerable and alone. The heart, which can see these connections, may be far more powerful a source of healing than the mind. 

It is the service work each human being is asked to give for the wholeness and healing of the heart center of humanity. For when human beings live from an open and healed heart they know and feel their connectedness with each other and understand their universal purpose. 

Allow yourself to see your sacred heart space as spacious, infinite, expanded, and whole. It is your link to the cosmic grid. It is your way home. 

We support your healing and delight with our heart connection with you.
 Be at peace, Beloved. the 'team'

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