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Holding The Line


Ascension Class Talk By Lisa Renee

 Transcript From Oct. 2021

In ES community we have always challenged the idea of what could be qualified as a base line for normal human behavior. When we begin to understand that there is this anti-human infrastructure of alien machinery, implants and mind control programs being targeted at humanity from the time we're born into this world, how can it be made possible that we could define normal human behavior? Because what we're enduring in this world is not normal human behavior. It is the overlay of anti-humans, negative alien agenda, super imposing their deviant behaviors and value systems upon us.

Many people do not understand the control that evil has had in this world by deceiving us. Everything we have learned in this reality has been a lie. What we have been educated to understand is largely lies. They have rewritten our history, they have stolen our original languages, and we have been subjected to this slave programming for thousands of years. The biggest trick that the devil or the antichrist has played upon humanity, and in our community that we assign to the negative alien agenda, is tricking us into thinking that they do not exist when they most certainly do. So, as evidenced by the genocidal program that is still not being noticed by many people, this in my humble opinion, is point in case of many insisting to live in complete denial of the existence of evil. Human beings need to know that unfathomable evil exists in our midst or it will exploit us to inadvertently serve evil agendas. And it most certainly has.

Thus, what I really want to say to you today, those that are resisting and seeking out the unpleasant truth behind the roll out of global techno-totalitarian medical tyranny, is that you are the sane and coherent person. Those of us in our truth and spiritual community that are living in between the worlds in order to defend human freedom. Sometimes it feels like you're living as a double agent, right? You're in the 3D world, and you're interfacing with 3D people that are believing in the controlled narrative of mainstream media. And when we are enmeshed in environments that are running the mass hypnosis of delusion, it creates an erosion of our own sense of integrity, sanity and accurate assessment. We may  start questioning ourselves because the gaslighting and demoralization is just beyond anything that we have ever lived through before.

So today I really want to say to you: “You are sane!” “You are the sane and well balanced one!”

Let's take a deep breath in with the sanity saver spirit of understanding what sanity really is as embodied. Sanity, coherence, being able to assess something as it is, to be able to look at things from a holistic perspective so that cognitive dissonance and fear isn't controlling your perceptions. I appreciate your hard work in going through that process to look at things as they are and not what you wish they were, because maintaining our sanity and coherence at this time takes great effort. Let's take in a deep breath in unified fellowship and anchor that deeper awareness of following our inner spirit and conscience fully and completely.

I am sane. You are sane. Let's register that deeply within while connecting with our inner spirit.

What we're currently enduring in the world today is unprecedented spiritual warfare in our lifetime. This is the final spiritual battle for the soul of humanity and the Earth. We knew it was going to get crazy. We knew it was going to be incoherent and confusing. We're living through that process of consciousness rebirth now, and it can be extremely surreal and bizarre which can be destabilizing.

This spiritual battle has shown up as a manufactured hoax that weaponizes others around us and this is another element of what makes it so painful. My God is this time painful!! That people we love, our family, our friends; this manufactured hoax is ripping people apart through divide and conquer tactics rooted in ideological conflicts. This need for people to deny darkness from their immense fears, to succumb to the consciousness slavery allows a weaponization of other’s shadow darkness and unresolved fears. It's so incredibly painful to all of us as human beings to experience the weaponization of those we knew as friends, family or colleagues.

To maintain our sanity and coherence we have to see this happening very clearly; that is, the intentional weaponization of people around us. It doesn't mean they are bad people or they are negative people. It means they are in terrorizing fear and they do not understand what they are participating with when they lash out to hurt others. Unfortunately, the weaponization creates an extremely aggressive intimidation force to try to control us, to try to get us to comply with the acceptance of the lies of the mind control narrative. This narrative is being conjured by the black magicians, the sorcerer's that are evil criminal psychopaths that rely on satanism to support their evil deeds. And we can see them showing themselves as they are coming out of every nook and cranny of society’s control pillars at this time.

For those of us that are on the Christos mission, the Starseed mission, unfortunately these anti-human forces, they're desperate. The antichrist is pulling out all of their bag of tricks. Every resource they have to weaponize our communities, to weaponize our inner circle, to weaponize groups with the best of intentions, to attack communities and people seeking truth in order to divide and weaken them. And by doing so they are attacking the weaker links of people around us that have the potential or the vulnerability to act as a dark portal and spread harm or chaos. And then twist that person to attack or divide the group, promote victim-victimizer programs down to the daily harassment of threats, and stalkers sending hate about our body of work while defaming our character. And as a result, suddenly, these groups of haters they form online with special vendettas to hurt and to defame. I'm not just talking about myself. This is certainly an active character defamation campaign that's ongoing based in antichrist forces behind it, but this is being targeted to anyone that speaks truth in a public forum. We can see we're not alone here; truth tellers are targeted aggressively.

I want to share that with you: any of us that speak the truth, any of us that are in a position of stewardship or leadership are heavily targeted. Those of us that are talking to the best of our knowledge and bringing forth the vibration of truth, we're being aggressively attacked. This is something that's happening to all of us. People will want to defame you and attack you for no apparent reason except that you stood up to speak the truth as you know it to the best of your ability. And people will be turned against you and they will spread hate and lies about you for that. This is painful. Yet it is what it is. But each individual undergoing this kind of spiritual attack has to find the way to neutralize these dark influences from breaking your heart, from eroding your integrity, from demoralizing and dehumanizing you.

So, keep doing what you know to be true for you inside you. Feel your heart. Do not listen to the haters.

We know that truth is under attack on this planet in every possible way which makes sense because we know we can heal ourselves by knowing the truth. The Truth Spirits are of God, the benevolent Spirits of Christos. Thus, it's important for us as a community and group to support each other to know that we are not incoherent, crazy conspiracy theorists because we seek the truth and we stand for human freedom. We are experiencers. We are empaths. We are the spiritually initiated that can see, that can feel, that can know the truth vibration and know the truth of what is happening now in our midst. And with our direct knowing we stand together in unified cooperation to defend humanity. To remain spiritually strong in solidarity and Christos Unity, coming together is where our strength is. We need to call upon group spiritual strength and solidarity when we pull back into the observer mode and see the narrative around us and see parts of the narrative that are crumbling. There are structures collapsing around us and there are many people that are spinning out of control as they are deeply suffering in pain and confusion. They're feeling sick or suicidal or injured in multiple ways.

This will only continue to escalate in future months. We need to find our footing and stay grounded and know how to neutralize or stay out of harm's way. Now, when I say harm's way, this is alluding to the understanding of cross spirals. Timing is everything. You may understand that there is a part of action or non-action that needs to be taken at this time. The wisdom is in knowing when to act and when to pull back. There are waves of us that will be receiving more guidance in terms of when to act, when to stay back. Right now, we're in the pinnacle of the warfare. So, for most of us, it's not going to be let's go head on into the weapons of the enemy in the frontline to hurt ourselves. It's not time for that right now. Some of us are slowly building on the sidelines, gathering information, educating ourselves, getting stronger, understanding how to verbalize what is happening to us. This is really a lot of what the last newsletter was designed to do, to help you have a dot connecting picture of the macrocosm in which you can find the language to be able to speak more about it. As well as ask the questions of the pandemic and the psychology of evil behind it, and to help people actually open their mind, open their eyes in order to see what's happening is a genocide.

Right now, as we look into the outer world, we can see there's a massive amount of people that appear to be almost addicted to following orders given by tyrants. These are the rule followers. They must follow pathological rules at any cost. Understand that when people are not adaptable, when people are not flexible, when fear rules them, in order to create a false sense of security for themselves they will follow rules. No matter how immoral, pathological or sick they are, as long as they are getting a sense of following the rules is creating security for them, or this is going to take me back to normal again. Now, as we know, that's delusional. We're never going to go back to what it was. So, as we see people following pathological rules, understand that at its undercurrent of motivation, it is fear and darkness that rules them.

Most of us, especially those of us that have families, children and connections with others at the 3D societal level, we can get overwhelmed with the mind control insanity that's being pulsed at us. Not only from the airwaves, and the EMFs, and everything else, but the people repeating the insanity as talking points as if it is true. In our vulnerable moments and when we're exhausted, we start to question our own sanity. We witness so many people, people we love and care for around us that are falling in line with tyrannical demands. They're taking a shot; they're doing whatever else is being asked of them which requires they give up human rights and human dignity. The point is that while we are observing this manufactured crisis, these evil tyrant puppets came out from every nook and cranny throughout our society to enforce these anti-human objectives of the negative alien agenda through imposing immoral rules, mandates and whatever else. We can see that the majority of people around us are still mostly capitulating to these demands, in much higher numbers than probably many of us thought would actually comply.

In that level of understanding the people that are capitulating to demands is quite high in numbers than those people that are refusing and do not comply. And how do we measure that? By seeing how much teeth, how much anchoring, how much momentum these tyrannical agendas have created as the iron grip that is devastating our lives. Those of us that can see what is happening, we understand the evil existing behind the facade that is motivating these tyrannical actions. And because we resist the narrative, or we're refusing to comply with whatever demands, we can feel outcasted. We can feel out of place. Maybe we thought we were connected somewhere and all of a sudden, we're feeling out of place. And also, at the mainstream media level we're being accused of being diseased and super spreaders. We're being accused of being ignoramuses and stupid for not complying with these tyrannical rules. Some of us have lost friends. Some of us have severed connection with family members over this situation. This is so painful; it is so incredibly painful. But it's also bewildering and confusing.  I think it's healthy to register that we did not see that coming. That so many people would be willing to chastise us, and send us all to the lineup for the box cars for some inner feeling of moral superiority. That's what we're living through right now. The weaponization of people to commit evil when they think themselves as virtuous is really happening.

So, all of a sudden when we stand up for our human dignity to preserve bodily autonomy and we choose to reject or comply with taking this poisonous shot, now all of a sudden, we're the person that others around us label as the crazy one. Even some in our own family, friends and colleagues point at and call us crazy and whatever other labels that they attach to that. As you are looking at the world as a person that does not believe the deceptive narrative that's being projected on all of us from the mainstream media, and this narrative is being aggressively reinforced by people that are close to you and still you have not complied, hold the line. Whether you have not chosen to roll up your sleeve, whether you have resisted under great duress of peer pressure, bullying, intimidation, threats of loss of income and job, being called crazy conspiracy theorists, regardless of what it is exactly, you are standing up based upon your heart, your soul, your spirit and your conscience.

Thus, I feel to reassure you in this moment, you are not the problem. You are a sane and reasonable person. You are a person with a developed moral compass and a spiritual connection that told your heart that this agenda is very wrong. I feel today to reinforce to you that you are the sane and rational one. You are not crazy for standing up for yourself, for your convictions and what you believe to be true for you. Thank you for standing up for humanity.

When you look and see how many people that said they would not get the shot and they did it anyway, many caved under pressure or as a result of not wanting to be inconvenienced in their lifestyle. Many of us as a result have been absolutely shocked that so many people took the shot for mere convenience. They based their reasons on personal needs and desires like traveling abroad, going to events that demanded proof of vaccinations or passports or whatever else. Our choices should be made on our own sense of personal integrity, deep convictions, ethics, and moral considerations. And further in our community, based upon our spiritual connection and a spiritual value system that is at its core, the Law of One. As the quest for achieving human spiritual freedom and self-sovereignty during the planetary liberation or planetary ascension.

In this painful and difficult experience, we can see that many human beings are lacking courage and self-discipline because they are run by the unchecked fear of the negative ego. There is a lack of development of core self-identity and thus a lack of personal strength and moral character when they are being pushed hard into compliance and they fall into lockstep with the tyrannical demands and become consciousness slaves. For those of us in the community that are holding the line, this experience has been the further development of not only our moral character, but a testing of the integrity of our inner spiritual being to become self-sovereign individuals. This is what it means to be on the path of Christ, of Christos. It surfaces our belief systems about God, our relationship to God and where our faith resides in relationship to who we want to be in the world in the midst of this escalating tyranny. Thus, this time is an important spiritual initiation for all of us.

So again, if you are looking around wondering if something is wrong with you, and feeling self-doubt, or questioning your decisions or actions as you see more people lining up or complying to these demands, remember it is a facade. We are enduring the collective hologram of mass hypnosis that puts enchantments and spells on those weakened by fear in order to take the blue pill and go to sleep in compliance with the tyrants demands. Therefore, if you are standing firm in your personal conviction and resisting compliance with these demands, it is as well, in your heart your spiritual duty, to not feel bad about yourself. To not feel bad about the choices you have made to stand up and honor your principles and personal value system that uphold human dignity.

It is your duty to love yourself. To love the self and have self-respect and value for your soul, for your spirit, for the life force that lives inside of you that the Creator gave you.

To not trade your human dignity for convenience or under great duress placed upon you from your peers, but to respect yourself, love yourself. And when it's possible tell the truth as you know it uncensored and unapologetically. I send so much love and spiritual strength to you. I know how difficult this is. This is not about creating a judgment or division upon those that have chosen to take the injection and those that have not. The issue is in listening to your heart and respecting yourself, loving yourself enough to act in alignment to your own conscience, to do what your soul guides you through at this particular time. And to do this unapologetically. This is your divine human right.

(Source: Transcript – October Ascension Class)

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  1. Thank you, Lisa Renee. Your words are a beacon. Standing FIRM with you.