Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Sophia Love Brings AMessage From The ONE


Received Via Email On 10-29-21

Coming changes to the fabric of your life here will initiate confusion, and in some cases, rebellion.

There is such comfort in the deeply familiar. Even when abusive, it can feel more “correct” than anything new and contradictory.

It is these sorts of emotions that you will see erupting now. They can appear volatile, violent even, if they’re unexpected.

It becomes important that you are not threatened when they are witnessed.

They are emotional reactions to information, and not, necessarily, to you.

It becomes important to separate the narrative from the relationship.

It becomes imperative you keep them separate in your mind.

This, so that you are able to preserve your relationships.

For the narrative will change, and some of it will disappear.

Yet your relationship still remains if that is your wish.

You are all in the midst of a boots-on-the-ground lesson in unconditional love.

You signed up for this, and were eager for it to begin. You couldn’t wait to get here.

In the end, it will be realized that no one has been right or wrong or good or bad.

In the end, blame will be abandoned.

In the end, Oneness is realized.

On some level, this realization occurs for everyone…everyone here has a role to play.

This particular scene, the ending, is the most climactic for all of the actors.

Oneness is evident once the show is over, the costumes are removed, and there is nothing but a singular force for life left.

For you are each that force, and you are all that force.

One Force.

It is the element that unites you, one to the other.

It is the structure of your connection.

This story has been written, and re-written, played and practiced, numerous times.

You are trying to get it right.

Those among you in the deepest pain, have the most invested in its outcome.

There are parts that it will help to release parts of the story.

This human ego is a challenge for you.

You can’t help but utilize it, and contribute to its formation.

It is your ego-self that then changes and adjusts, and eventually modifies your signature. You might say this is what makes you recognizable.

It is similar to your fingerprint.

When the ending arrives, and it will, you’ll remember who is who and why so much of this feels familiar.

You’ve all held similar roles, in other plays and at other times.

It is often better to loosen up before a game or a show or a performance.

A way to do that for this current show is to let go of expectations and confining definitions of all things physical ~

  • People
  • Institutions
  • Places
  • Things

In order to fly, you have to step off of solid ground. You’ll then discover that there are alternate methods of movement, and that they are vastly superior to what you know today.

It is time, dear human, to remember, and to trust, your wings.

That is all.

Thank you.


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