Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Disclosure Digest 11-3-21



Super New Moon 2:15 PM PDT 

(12º40’ Scorpio) Opposite Uranus

Today's New Moon is a big deal, as are all the Cosmic Gateways and Star Gates to follow, ya Folla?

Virginia-is -For-Lovers, Not Lunatics Bundle; Surprise Red Wave Tsunami Strikes East Coast Electorate:

Here's a disturbing Deranged-Stories-R-Us Bundle to ponder awaiting your next soy Cappuccino:

Coming nuke scare bun…will it be China, the Mid-East or Nutty NATO? The 'Bidenville' Editon:

Here's your Three From The Bee Bundle to expose the dark underbelly of the Lighter Side:

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