Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Utsava Update 11-9-21


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Nov 9, 2021

Last call!
I predicted the market crash which is in connection with the new system. I have seen people asking the question if funds will be provided in order to survive this crash. I don't think that they let us not survive in the winter time. Just like you did not have to get the jab and there were where other solutions. There was no need to fear. The lesson was to 'trust the plan'. Trust, have faith and be a Patriot.

It has been confirmed that the money in the banks is safe. I have stated this a while back. When the fiat money will be switched to the value of gold and be gold-backed at the switch.

Over 400 US military aircraft are up in the air today. We have seen lots of military airplanes the past months. Everything is going down right now. The countdown is on...10,9,8,7,etc. all in preparation of the New Earth system being in place very soon, officially.

This is the new Time Magazine cover below. The White hats forced the Black hats to do this! Look at the queen she is a cardboard cut-out, because she is gone....the storm is here....Last Call means to inform people in store that closing time is approaching and they better get it now they need in the store, otherwise the doors are closed. Meaning last stand. Do what you need to do but you are done. The doors are closing (for the Deep state).

When Biden mentioned the dark winter, it meant for his administration. Remember Biden is a facemask controlled by the white hats at this point...

 Amen Sister...

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